Assistant Needed

I need an assistant.

My list of things to do, (serious things not “buy light bulbs” —shit. I actually need to buy light bulbs.) is incredible. Even with daylight savings…there’s not enough hours in the day. This week I’m up at work between 8-9 at both jobs. Today I have a color correction class at the salon…my first appointment isn’t until 11 so on one hand…my day didn’t really have to begin until 11. On the other, I’ll just roll in looking like this. (bedhead no makeup swollen eyes picture here) and after it’s over I’ll go down to KokoFit and workout.

I did manage to get my bedroom tv exchanged and set up. Not without three hours of driving all over hells half acre and phone calls and bla bla bla’s. I was worn out, and yet aware of how wrong it is to get sideways about my bedroom fabulous tv. Poor Little Lord Fauntleroy and her tv..wah wah wah…It was cheaper to get a tv without a dvd built in and just buy a player so I bought a blue ray. still not spending more money than on the first tv. And these blue rays are coming with internet apps built in. So my Roku can move to my bedroom and I can still streamline from the living room. Perfect. But I get it here and it’s not the wireless, so I’d need to buy another router. Well, for what I spent on the first tv, I can add 30 bucks and have the blue ray/internet apps in the living room, dvd/roku/new tv in the bed room. See? reading it is hive-worthy. Stupid. But it’s stuff like this that needs to be taken care of.

The back room? it’s almost beautiful again. I need a day. A full day to tackle what’s left back there and dig into mounds and mounds and mounds of paperwork. I’ve got stacks. And tucked under stacks. And boxes and things filled with paperwork. I’ve got reciepts and lists and tax stuff. . . I need a day.

The back yard is…in need. I need a full day. I did go out to water the garden last night…and woke up at 6am remembering that I left the water on.

we’ll just make believe that it was a big rain storm.

yeah. That’s what we’ll do.

Yesterday’s brain juice was sucked up by oil and gas leases and banging hair and thinking about my future. I told my mom. (that’s always a big deal. and after all the things I’ve done in my life, every time she hears me say “this is what I want to do when I grow up” she is so supportive) I told a few clients who were so excited for the adventure. One who said, “why don’t you just proceed until you can’t, instead of waiting for it all to align?”

good advice.

And then I received an amazing email. This is an example of how wonderous life can be. Way back in 98-99 I was touring in the Mitten and finally met the missing pieces of my soul in Dion and Kizz. Through the years and the NYC trips, I have come to know Kizz’s own tribe in NYC. One of them being Pony Express. We’ve brunched. We’ve hung out. We’ve done all kinds of stuff. We’ve actually known each other for a long time. This past trip for my 40th birthday, we brunched and she continued my cannoli/pastry education, supported my perogi ordering (i got one of everything) made me also feel better by commisserating on my arrival hangover, and enlightened me as to how real pumpkin pie is made. So yeah, we don’t chat but once a year, but we are friends. Yesterday she emailed me after reading this blog and told me that her mother was a font of useful information in the grad school thing and if I was interested, she could connect us and I could glean what info I could from her. And then she said this…”I get the pull by the way…I think you’d make a fabulous professor”

How cool is that?

My brain has already started working on other things I need to do. I need to get ready and attack this morning. I’ve got clients all day into the evening. I’m meeting my friends tonight, Tara (who just lost her mother and grandmother in a week being one of them).

Happy whateverthisdayis, ya’ll


8 thoughts on “Assistant Needed

  1. How about Joe and I give you next Sunday… not this Sunday as I have three brides. But you can make the list and we’ll do a team chant and get on it. I’ll clean on that closet, the back room. You and Joe can dig and mulch and get ready for Spring planting.
    Aligning planets is way harder that going as far as you can go until you can go further from there.
    You are only one person and I feel this heavy and strong myself. Only so much one size five person can do in one day. However in my head I am still capable of over throwing a government.
    I love you.
    Plan for Sunday.


  2. You know what usually gets shoved on the way side when I’m busy? My nails. I need to trim my nails. That’s the only reason I can think of right now for me needing an assistant.


  3. So yeah, we don’t chat but once a year, but we are friends. Yesterday she emailed me after reading this blog and told me that her mother was a font of useful information in the grad school thing and if I was interested, she could connect us and I could glean what info I could from her.

    Yeah, you know that “Follow your bliss” Joseph Campbell quote? Well, there’s more to it, right. It’s actually “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” True?


  4. Have I mentioned how much I am in support of this whole grad school thing? and you would make a fabulous professor! (you are way more insightful than Maryann or Ginger for that matter) You could totally get us off that island!

    as for whatever day this is….it’s the day that I was blessed with becoming a mommy 9 years ago…happy b-day to Ash man! 🙂


  5. OH ASHER IS 9!!!!! Happy Birthday to the AshMan!!!

    These comments are my own version of Tiger Blood.


    thank you.


  6. If you were a professor, I’d get in the enrollment line at 3am to make sure I got your class. You would seriously be a FABULOUS professor. I say go until you can’t go no mo. And celebrate when the no mo is actually the finish line. The journey is half the fun anyway. Love to you!


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