No Title Thursday

Ya know, every time I see Bradley Cooper (he’s coming up on the Today show this morning) I think of his character in He’s Just Not That In To You…and my automatic response is:


I’ve got another day full of clients, then to Job 2, then back to salon, then to work out then home. Home to take care of the dishes that have been “soaking” in the sink since Monday night. Home to finish hooking up the tv/player stuff. (BTW, my new bedroom tv is a Vizio. The word “VIZIO” at the bottom of it lights up when it’s powered on. Problem is, and I don’t know if it can be fixed, or if I can find some sort of settings thing to take care of it, or if I need some duck tape, but the damned word doesn’t ever go “dark” –it’s like I’ve got this uber night light in my room. Doesn’t bode well for someone with sleep issues anyway. Gah. So. That’s on the list for tonight.

I’ve been given some amazing resources to look into for That Grad School thing. Thank you everyone for your support and your comments. Seriously. They do keep me motivated and keep me going. I appreciate it more than you know.

I’m sad about Elizabeth Taylor. More so than I thought I would be. I’m stupid busy this weekend, but am hoping on Sunday to have myself a few Liz Movies…Virginia Woolf  to be sure. I’ve never seen Butterfield 8…have you? Do you have a fav?

It’s Thursday. That means for you Normals…one more day! Hang on kids, you’re almost there! (I’m dreaming of my bed, CBS Sunday Morning and coffee)


5 thoughts on “No Title Thursday

  1. National Velvet. I wanted to be her and I wanted that little swinging girl clock she had on her dresser in her bedroom. I still cry when her mom tells her the story of swimming the English Channel and gives her her prize money.


  2. Every time I see Bradley Cooper (the trailer for his new movie is everywhere) I think of seeing him on Broadway in Three Days of Rain and my automatic response is:


    I think I want to see Taylor’s Cleopatra. I’ve never seen it and it’s her and Burton and there’s something so gloriously over the top about the very idea of it that I want to see it.


  3. I actually saw her -in person- when I was a kid. I was sitting outside a Taos jewelry store in the square. She and two other women walked down the sidewalk…she was within arms reach! I waited until they’d passed and ran inside to tell my parents.


  4. I will do whatever @DonnieWahlberg tells me too. I’ve seen him fight. and I’ve seen his underwear. Two very valuable motivational tools.


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