Still No Title Thursday

That frackingfrack blue ray player I got yesterday? was the fracken frack display. there were no papers, no instruction booklet, no HDMI cord, no nothing in it. so guess who was at Sam’s for the THIRD DAY IN A ROW???

this girl.

However, I’ve got the bedroom tv hooked up with dvd/roku. I have no sound on said dvd, but that’s my bad and will figure it out. The new blue ray/internet apps are up and running in the living room.

I have the night to myself, and I cooked salmon and sauteed veggies with a almond butter fold over for dessert. I have things I need to be doing…tax stuff, sorting stuff…but my first appt is at 8:45 am and then I head right to Job 2 for the entire day. And I’m tired. And I didn’t work out tonight. And I’m on the couch watching Cleopatra with the Lovely Elizabeth Taylor.

And that’s the end of that.

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