Birthday Friday!

My oh my are we celebrating today! Yay for you Normals, it’s FRIDAY!!! WooHOOOOOOO! Lot’s going on this weekend starting with multiple birthdays today!

Mindi is hanging on to her 30’s today, with white knuckled hands. She and I have been acquaintances for most of our lives, but just became friends over these past few years. I say it all the time, but God Bless Facebook. It’s brought amazing people into my life, Mindi being at the top of that list.

Happy Birthday my dear! From myself and your delicious man!

Spencer is also another year older. As he preps for his upcoming nuptials next month, we give him a high five for navigating this life as if he’s the one who wrote the freakin map. He’s taught me the meaning of friendship and overcoming ridiculous proclamations and what it means to find true humor in life. For you my friend…I say CAKE! and Pez. xoxo

And finally we get to celebrate SEAN PATRICK tonight! He quietly snuck into his 40’s last week amid family and shamrocks and green beer…but tonight? Tonight we SING! Tonight we officially kick his ass into the next decade.

SP and I have been friends for years. Junior High. High School. Beyond. I’m so excited to see how his life is working and even amid those feast or famine, or when we’re just all feasting on shitty shitty bang bang…he’s got style and humor and strength of heart to match it all.

I canna wait for tonight.

This one’s for you my dear.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Friday!

  1. Happy Birthday to all your wonderful friends! I hope these last 2 work days fly by for you and that you have a fantastic weekend! xoxo!


  2. In case you forget tomorrow that I said these words, this blog was just the awesome cherry on the top of my Birthday sundae. And I feel the same way. God Bless that ole Facebook. And mmmm to Mama Said Knock You Out. Thank you for that. Love you girl. And you did BNL proud tonight.


  3. I am so sad that I had to miss the festivities but I KNOW you all celebrated enough for me! 🙂 Miss you all…can’t wait til our next gathering


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