This is what I feel like today.

wake me up when it's over
Yesterday I got up, went to church, which in hindsight was maybe not a good choice as I zoned out and halfway slept through the whole service…I came home and ate lunch and slept. Till about 4:30. I then borrowed Lynn’s computer to finish my work for Job 2—i dont have excel for mac on my machine—and that took several hours. More sleep. Today I returned the computer, turned in my work, back home with coffee and a date to discuss grad school via a phone call…I’m worn out folks.

This next week is going to be another busy one. I might get to go “into the field” with Job 2 and learn about some court house oil and gas work. I’ve got clients on the books so HUZZUAH to that…

Meanwhile today, it’s cold and dreary 40 degree weather outside. I’m going to let myself be a little lazy, then get into the back room and start organizing tax stuff…

happy monday, ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “This is what I feel like today.

  1. If this child were sleeping WHILE CRYING it would also represent what I feel like today. Sigh.

    Taxes gathered and letter of explanation written. Must call accountant and give heads up then mail taxes and can sit back and forget it ever happened. Til next year.


  2. You’re way ahead of me. I don’t even have an accountant…gah.
    the crying thing? seriously. me too. we need naptime with a side of jr mints.


  3. woot, for the courthouse! I’m having a hard time gettin with it, today too. brain is not firing on all cylinders, so may go back to bed and work tonight…Sonny is already on the bed. AJ will come if I head that way. luv my furrypurry heaters!


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