I slept all day yesterday. again.
I accomplished eating. That is all. Oh wait, and I folded and put away one load of laundry.

I’m fighting some sinus stuff. I was around people this weekend who were hacking and coughing and though they thought it was allergies…I may claim otherwise. Drainage. annoyance. But I’m on top of it and didn’t mind one little bit that I slept the whole two days away.

I seriously, though, have to get my shit together regarding the taxes, the back room organizing, and This Grad School Thing. Also I haven’t been to workout in a week. Gotta giddyup. So much to do and so little give-a-shit.

Ok. That’s it for me. I’m heading into the office for the majority of the day. OH! Special shoutout to Lynn for conjuring up the software for my computer (free to me) that now gives me word/excel/powerpoint. Woot! Woot!

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “garfuffle.

  1. Have I missed you on Facebook, my friend? You bet your sweet bippy, I have. But I’m happy to report that especially on this long, 8-hr trek down south, your blog has helped me pass the time and forget (albeit a short while) that my bladder can not hold a grande latte AND a 32 ounce coke from Jack in the Box. 🙂 Love ya girlie.


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