I’ll get my positive pants on shortly. I promise.

But first let me just tell you what’s frustrating me.

The amount of snot that my body is producing. And it’s whimsical decisions to either run like the faucet or sit in my sinus cavity as if it were protesting something.

I inherited an entire eLibrary of books from Trisha, and while they are actually in my dropbox, they’re MOBI files and I need PDF or some other type for my Nook. I downloaded some free software last night and have been trying to transfer files into that program so that I can convert and load onto my Nook…but it’s not working. I’m getting the rainbow wheel, and last night it completely locked up on me. I’m annoyed by this and afraid I’m jacking up my machine unknowingly.

I have a few appointments today at the salon, which is good. I like it. I didn’t sleep for the snot last night so this morning was a sleep in for me. No gym.

I feel like I’ve lost all motivation to count points or go to the gym that I enjoy so much. What happened?

My bedroom tv has some audio issues. I can’t get it higher than about a 3 or 4 on the volume or it’s blaring, and then it gets quiet. I’m sure it’s the way I’ve hooked it up but who has time to deal at this point? It’s just on the list.

My roommate and I have been talking about her impending departure. She’s still set to be in her own place July 1st. We’ve talked about how it will be my last link to my old salon, on a daily basis. That we’ll have to make an effort to continue this friendship. Some friendships don’t last through that phase. I hope this isn’t one of them. I’m sad to lose that and I’m sad to lose the extra money (there is no such thing as extra money) but the house seems to be getting smaller and smaller, like it knows we’re winding this up and it’s helping with the process. There’s 3 of us here, her boyfriend being the 3rd. And while I adore him, 3 people vying for one bathroom during the night, during the getting ready times, kitchen meal times…it’s starting to be noticeable where it hasn’t been very noticeable before. So I can tell that the Universe is starting to nudge us into a different place and I’m starting to think about living alone again.

I’ve ordered my transcript from USAO, I sure do wonder what my final GPA was. I’m gearing up to apply to UCO’s grad school program. I’ve looked at the other programs around here, and know that I want to go somewhere else to get my Ph.D so this is where I’m really looking. The location and cost are key functions. I’ve also emailed with a USAO alum who got his masters there, and is currently getting his doctorate at OSU. He really loved the program, and teaches on campus a few days a week so I may go talk to him. I think I’ve already lost out on the deadlines to apply for grants/scholarships/assistantships for grad school. Sigh. I’ve already wrapped my head around the student loans I’m going to be buried under. Gah.

I hate feeling the ick. It just dampens my entire mood.

I shall go steep my head in a super hot shower, pick out some positive pants to wear today and just giddy up. Is it humpday? I believe it is! Woop!!!

6 thoughts on “Frustrated.

  1. She’s always wearin’ her hot pants, Kizz, whether she realizes it or not.

    We both fear and crave change all at the same time. It’s a wonder any of us every accomplish anything in life.


  2. Interesting. A co-worker keeps saying Grad School to me. I keep saying we live too far from anywhere and I have a small child and job and occasionally need to sleep. I think it would be a dream to go back though. On another note, don’t quit the gym and the points thing. If anything, try a different routine/workout and surprise your muscles. Take a rest till you feel better from the crud and ease back in slowly, but don’t quit. I haven’t lost a pound in nearly two weeks, but I refuse to give in just yet. And on a third note, was checking out the blooms on the strawberry plants today and thought of you and your gardening. Maybe you can go poke around in the dirt when it warms up in a day or so.


  3. Know tons o’ fantastic folks in UCO’s English Dept. Can’t wait to talk shop! Dr. Amy Carrell (sp?) can be your best friend!


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