Excuse me…

but could someone get this elephant off of my head?

S’what it feels like. Last night was a mouth breathing only night. Seriously. I was swathed in Vick’s Vaporub and breathing solely through my mouth. I could have ridden in on the shortbus. I woke up with my lips all crackly and crusted over…good grief. Misti Ridiculous circa 1979. Gross.

But hey! I promised you some happy posts and because a) I pulled out a pair of jeans that slid right on w/o any persuasion or hand tools and b) because I went to bed at 9:30 last night and despite the cold, feel somewhat better…here it is!

I’m going on a field trip today with Job 2. Actually going “out into the field” as it were. The field being Roger Mills County. . . aka way the hell west of here. We shall be doing some work in the courthouse today, wrapping up a project. I’m happy for a field trip. I’m excited for something new. I’m excited to have a day out of both salon and office and on top of that? Caro has XM Radio in her car! Love it!

I don’t know if it’s the cold, or the brain juice of working through The Grad School Thing, or dealing with impending money issues, or the weather…but getting off track with the points and the workouts has me bummed as well as feeling like I’ve lost my Lenten Mojo. Somedays, I feel so good, so tuned in to what I feel I need to be and these past weeks? One big fart in the car. Contained and stinky.

So I’m hoping that a little field trip, a little sunshine and a little zyrtec will help all of the above.

Happy Thursday Ya’ll. Oh..and if anyone wants to buy me any of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels? I’m ok with that. I’ve just wet myself looking at the People magazine spread of the gems…sigh. Can you even imagine? I mean seriously. I cried when I saw the Hope Diamond. Cried. I would be a freakin wreck if a man ever gave me something like she got. What a dame.


2 thoughts on “Excuse me…

  1. Oh Roger Mills…what a nice courthouse…way the hell out in BFE, er, I mean, Cheyenne. You could throw a stone and hit Texas. It’s a long one out there. You should be able to squeeze in a nap.


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