Panic and Gross

Well I did haul a big bunch of junk to the curb for big trash.

I loaded some books onto my nook after converting the files. Something is amiss with my computer and the USB port…it had a really difficult time recognizing the Nook. Half of the time it didn’t. The other half it gave me an error message saying that what I had plugged in was using too much power and was disconnected. Makes no sense. Nothing else was plugged in. I don’t know if it’s the Nook cord/hookup or the computer. But I got a few loaded…Pride and Prejudice of Zomies being one of them. Huzzuah!

I have to write a Statement Of Pupose to get into grad school. I also have to submit a writing sample from previous work. What pray tell, would that be since my previous “work” was 14 years ago? Who the hell has a sample of that? (I would have but trashed it all about 6 months ago. STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID) So it’s running a loop in my brain…can’t do it won’t make it not good enough they wont admit me how will i get in can i even write anything substantial anymore why am i even considering grad school apply at chesapeake drink the kool aid….

And with those voices holding open auditions in my head for the lead in Our crazyTown…I can’t seem to focus on anything. Not laundry. Not the papers in the back room. It really is close to 90 outside so I’ve done what I will do out there already. I need another pair of hands to help move the last thing for big trash, and there aren’t any other hands here so it will have to sit till next month. I hate needing help.

I’ve tried to read. I’ve tried to watch tv. I’ve turned on the a/c to knock the fog off in here and cool myself down. I’m itchy and panicky and kind of wandering around in circles. And I’m still pretty tired from the weeks work.


gross gross gross.

maybe I’ll try to take a nap.

4 thoughts on “Panic and Gross

  1. I will look forward on your take on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Jack got me to read last year – mostly so he could see how close it was to the original since he hadn’t read dear Jane. It wasn’t literary cannon material, but I had a good laugh at it all. I know there is a whole string of these books but I kind of doubt I read the rest.


  2. Here’s what I do when I can’t just can’t even think or do or be with any of it any longer oh lord shut up stupid voices: I walk the dog.


    However, I do recommend just walking. Maybe put on an iPod sort of device with music you know really well just to put a damper on the voices and walk with your eyes open for a while. Not for fitness just to remind you to breathe and so you don’t sit around feeling like you should be doing more. By the time you get home you should be able to sit still and watch TV at least.

    I understand, though, that your mileage will, quite literally, vary.

    If you could submit a piece of writing about anything (anyone, any experience, any important thing) what would it be about?

    P.S. I love you.


  3. Don’t worry about finding a writing sample, girl! You write daily! Revamp something and submit it.
    Apply to more than one grad school. Act as if you’re a high school senior: pick a safety, a reach, and a dream school.
    Make it fun!
    PS: I Skype now. So let’s convene soon!


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