We Interrupt This Blog…


Beyond sick.

some horrendous vicious hateful stomach virus attacked me late Sunday night and I’m just now able to keep food down. I thought I could shower and manage three haircuts today, but trying to do any of that proved fruitless. I had to move the appointments.

I’m dehydrated and weak, but know for sure I’d be dead if Lynn hadn’t become my guardian angel bringing gatorade and crackers to my door step and Delbert being my nurse online, texting instructions and checking on me throughout the day.

I haven’t been this sick since I don’t know when. There was a moment Sunday night/Monday morning that I reached for the phone to call the ambulance. . . It was awful. This has been going around here, so hopefully I’ve paid my dues and hopefully none of you will get it. Delbert said those who were around me the day of and during are most likely to catch it. Luckily I was completely alone during those hours.

I’m worn out. More gatorade and back to bed for me. And my body aches from being in the bed so much . . . seriously. I’m like a kid. Achey and whiney and can’t be satisfied. I’ll be back when I’m better.

7 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog…

  1. Oh honey, I’m so sorry. That’s just awful. It’s good to be alone when it happens because you don’t want to infect anyone and you don’t want anyone to touch you/talk to you/get in the way but man you never feel more alone than when you’re all by yourself lying on the bathroom floor praying for death. Sip your gatorade. Maybe get some ginger ale. Don’t feel even a little bad about sleeping as much as you can possibly manage. xo


  2. i know, right? i hate being alone and sick like that. i was in that place where I could only cry and wish it over…i texted Mandrea and told her to beware. I woke up to lysol being sprayed. bless her heart. at least she should be clear from the virus.
    thanks for the love. I’m gathering more fluids and going back to bed. Being upright for two hours has done me in.


  3. When I had that a few months back, Chris made me drink Gatorade even though I hate it. It stopped making me drink it after I threw it back up. We usually stick to the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Sleep and try that water with electrolytes.


  4. Smartwater. I also drank a jug of Pedialyte (I hate the taste) for every 2 jugs of Gatorade. Everybody I know who has had this death crud, it’s been like this: It comes on strong…but doesn’t last long, usually a day or two before it starts to break, so hopefully, you’ll feel better tomorrow. Get some rest.

    And don’t let Cindy fool you. She’d puke up Gatorade even if she wasn’t sick.


  5. and thank goodness you had enough strength to get yourself to the doorstep, cuz I really didnt wanna hafta risk entering the house of germ! 😉 feel better sis!!


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