Thoughts Become Things

I’ve made the first two steps towards getting the tax and money stuff handled. I made an appointment for Monday with my tax person. (Bonusmom’s taxperson actually)

I came home tonight from my first full day back (full day both jobs) and did some chores, and attacked the piles of paper in the back room. Recycled and tossed a gob, and now it’s down to two stacks. I shall go through said stacks tomorrow and file everything away.

I need to make a spreadsheet for expenses bla bla bla attach recipts bla bla bla. I can do that now with my new software (shoutout to Lynn!) That shall happen sometime between now and Monday at 10:30 when I leave for my appointment.

Tomorrow after work I have to go find something to wear to Spencer’s wedding. It never works out when I go looking for someting specific…so we’ll see.

Thoughts Become Things. I’m thinking about finished and not scary taxes, finished house projects, easy grad school entry, and a dress to wear saturday.

What are you thinking about?


7 thoughts on “Thoughts Become Things

  1. Well crap. Now I’m thinking that Lynn is fuckin’ funny.

    I’m thinking I miss you and that you inspired me to deactivate Facebook. It’s been a great reminder to find other more personal ways to interact with the people in my life. And damn if I wasn’t pretty well addicted to that Family Feud game. Needed to kick that.

    I’m thinking that if this builder doesn’t call with a bid like he said he would yesterday I might just cry. And if his price isn’t right, I’ll cry then, too. But I also know that life will go on.

    I’m thinking I’m done with this work week. My job is really boring me lately. It’s okay…it will get busier. But seriously. Fucking bored.

    I’m thinking that I hope our oldest dog Macy’s vet appointment goes well on Friday. The vet found a tumor and we are taking her back to check growth and see if a biopsy is necessary. I’d really just prefer she be immortal.

    You are busy. You have a lot on your plate. Hope there’s joy!! HUGS!!!


  2. Misti, come on! If thoughts become things, maybe starting off believing that “It never works out when I go looking for something specific…” isn’t the best mindset. Of course, it’ll work out. As if you’re going to show up at Spencer’s wedding naked. Sheez!


  3. Also, 80% of your thoughts are not your own.

    I am thinking of taking a nap and all the possibilities of nap taking this weekend. I am also thinking of hunting up a yoga studio this weekend. And what pictures I might take. And, I am thinking of you.


  4. I’m thinking that, in addition to being a software provider, I am also the best personal shopper you know. Let’s go!!


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