Walk the Walk…Bassakwards.

I am a work in progress.

I feel like there are parts of my brain that are so developed and in touch with the wonders of the Universe…parts that are fully formed and connected with the energy of life and love…parts that can empathize and feel with a heart slightly larger than others. There are parts of this brain that go so fast the thoughts are formed in another time and place. Pain is fresher and more pronounced and the healing laughter rings with the clarity of a thousand bells. Strength is drawn from the best of the best, a tribe so strong that it weathers the fiercest of storms. This side of my brain knows where to go for support and to reboot and shift and refocus. This side of my brain understands what it is to surround yourself with light and to give yourself permission to just believe. It knows how to recognize the darkness in the world and to seek out the beauty. This side of my brain is a little bit pychic and witchy because it’s so in tune with the energy of the Universe.


The other side of my brain looks like this:


Here I go again. Thoughts Become Things! Today I’m thinking about:

Easy breezy taxes and money situation settled.

Perfectly flattering (both physically and monitarily) dress for the weekend.

House projects paid for and finished.

Breezy acceptance into grad school.

Maintaining thinking good thoughts.


What about today? Now what are you thinking about? I’m going to work this daily. I talk it a lot. I preach it to my clients. Postive thoughts. We manifest that which we think about (Thanks Bonusmom for teaching me that all of these years) and man can I preach it. I’m good with an audience and I’m good at lifting people up with words because I believe them too.

Walking the walk is…well apparently I’ve been walking backwards.

Today though…today I turn around and walk forward.

Thoughts become things.

talk the talk. walk the walk.


5 thoughts on “Walk the Walk…Bassakwards.

  1. I love you. Thank you for being in my life, Kathy. MUAH! Here’s to a great day of thinking great thoughts! For you, we shall manifest a number from the builder that we love and tests that prove the babe is in fact, immortal. Or close enough to it! xoxo


  2. I feel like more of my brain looks like that picture (brilliant!) than the other kind.

    I’m thinking about writing and singing. I’m thinking about cleaning my house as a path to health. I’m thinking about kissing boys a lot. Sometimes one boy in particular that I don’t have any business kissing BUT I’m just not ready to stop thinking about it. So I won’t.


  3. If I knew what you would you have in your mind’s eye for a dress, I could pre-shop at the nbc for you…color, shape, solid, print, etc. They had gotten some great dresses in yesterday.


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