I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Not a wink nor a snooze nor a snore. I tossed. I turned. I was bright eyed and alert…just couldn’t sleep. My mind wasn’t doing the racing stressed out lists that are usually a part of a bad nights sleep. I was just….awake.

Other than that, it was a lovely evening. Lynn and I did some power shopping for tomorrow’s wedding. I finalized plans on the dinner party I’m co-hosting tonight at Caro’s house. This is a busy weekend, the week has flown by…almost dying a horrible death at the beginning of the week does that I suppose.

I love that the springtime gardening commercials are on tv right now. It’s a lot of work out in that yard awaiting me. Raking of the leaves. Mowing the weeds down. Throwing out some stuff and watering it in. I want to set up my second gardening box and fill it, but I haven’t decided what to plant just yet. Tomatoes for sure, perhaps some peppers and okra. That’s probably all I have room for…I may try pumpkins again. Who knows! I also need a day with a chain saw to cut up the tree trunk back there. That’ll open up some more sunshiny space as well as create firewood for the fire pit!

I got a thing in the mail yesterday for one of our local vo-tech schools. All of their classes that they’re offering and the details and cost. I’m most definitely going to take the sushi making class. It’s only one night. What fun! There’s several geared to home improvement for women. Basic plumbing and electrical, but I’ve got such a great guy that I’m really not that interested in that. And electrical stuff scares the crap out of me. No go there. HOWEVER, there is one that teaches you how to build a deck! Build a DECK! Wouldn’t that just be grand? a nice deck out there? I’m thinking about it.


There’s been some upheaval at Job 2. My time there could be coming to a close…it’s time to start looking and feeling about. I’ve got a bit of experience under my belt, so I’m hoping that I can find something. That’s also one of my things I’m thinking about.

Today looks to be promising and hot. 90 degrees here in the plains. Time to find something flouncy to wear while I bang the hair.

Happy Friday ya’ll.


6 thoughts on “FRIDAYFRIDAYFRIDyawnAY

  1. -because- the electrical stuff scares the crap outta you is exactly why you should take the class! I’d do it with you!!


  2. Jack just got a battery powered chainsaw – loves it. Might be just the thing for a town yard. Bella says we have too much garden – she would approve of yours, though we discovered baby strawberries on the vine tonight which excited her!


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