Weekend!!! almost.

What an amazing night last night with my girls Caro, Barb, Nan and M’Lynn. Caro and I devised a plan for an Asian Themed Dinner Party. We went to our big giant asian market and got crazy inspired. I made chicken vermacelli bowls, we had spring rolls, edamame and dumplings. Audra made the most glorious purple velvet creme cheese cake for us that just blew everyone’s socks off. We had cocktails. We had surprises. We sat outside and yawned and laughed and talked and talked. We made plans to reconvene in a few weeks.

I was home (to an 80 degree house. gah. turned that a/c on in a hurry!) and exhausted and slept through the night. I’m ready for more sleep. But am up, coffee’d and pancake’d and ready to bang some hair.

Tonight is another special night. Spencer’s getting married! Huzzuah! I’m so excited to see Abby and Seth and have a fun night launching the redhead into this next journey. I’ve got the dress and the shoes and am ready for it.

Hope your Saturday is full of fun. If it’s full of work, I hope fun is quickly on it’s way.

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