What a night! Amid ridiculous Oklahoma gusts of wind, the redhead married his girl. The ceremony and reception were outside so seriously, that wind? Killer. Blowing flowers and centerpieces all over kingdom come. But we gathered to support Spencer and Carri and that, I think, we did in fine style. All of the comics were there. Out of towners, locals, all of us hanging out, catching up, cracking up…it was fabulous. I was so so so excited to get time with Abby. I kept saying over and over “in my head we get to just hang out every Saturday whenever we want!”

I prolly kept saying it over and over because I was a little tipsy. The wine was flowing in great gulping glasses and I was having fun, we all were just enjoying being together…I should have quit before that last glass. Hindsight.

After the bride and groom drove off to start their new life, and all the sparklers were put out we decided to go sing some karaoke. Gathering our stuff, we headed out. The horrible gusting winds, the fabulous high heels I had yet to take off, the parking lot that was a steep decline combined with that flowing wine helped me take a stumble and fall flat on my face.

Literally. On my face. I have a huge knot and scrape and bruise above my left eye. Bless Brad’s heart he helped me up, got my fabulous lip gloss that flew out of my purse. Sheesh. It was painful. I was bleeding. Today however, today I’m so stiff and sore. Muscles ache. So sleepy I kept dozing all day and I wondered if I may have concussed myself a little bit…woof. Leave it to me. Grace and dignity all the way.

I am finally, this evening, gathering the tax info. Tomorrow morning I go take my stuff to my person. I’m sure we’ll have to file an extension so I’m just not going crazy tonight. Gathering reciepts. Making a list of questions. We’ll just go from there. I cannot worry about what I don’t know, or can’t control. My person knows how to do this and will help me. (this is my mantra)

Ok. I’m going to get off of here and go back to work. The Judd’s tv show is on (of course I’ve been sucked into it. I am shameless) and Kikimama is keeping me company. I want it to get finished and be over because even though I’ve slept all day, I’m still tired and can’t wait to go to bed.

Hope your Sunday has been blessed.

8 thoughts on “Tiiiiiiiiiiimber!

  1. Oh good grief..I really shouldn’t have laughed. Thank goodness u recovered the lip gloss!
    On a positive note..we will b having pool time in the near future! The kids swam all day today (a bit chilly for my taste) but soon!! We will put pacco back to work!


  2. it was the wind’s fault. wholly and absolutely. of this, I know, because I took a tumble in broad daylight, on flat ground, stone-cold sober due to the stupid wind. it was blowing wildly and I was trying to flip my hair outta my face and boom. only took a knee, but painful and humiliating nonetheless….right outside a restaurant for all to see! stupid wind.


  3. Oh no! That sounds awful! I’m so sorry! I hope you are on the mend and feeling better. It looks like it was a gorgeous wedding. I’m glad you had such a good time! Hang in there…and no opening umbrellas…can’t have you flying away.


  4. What?! You mean you were literally falling-down drunk? So glad you’re okay. But it’s a good thing it happened after the wedding and not before.


  5. @whit, wishes you were there to see me fall? and only part of you?
    @Lynn, seriously. That wind was a bitch.
    @Kath, the wedding was just simply elegant and gorgeous.
    @Chris, I’m going to say falling down yes, that drunk? nope.


  6. Every time I read that title for this entry, I think of the party seen of Breakfast At Tiffany’s. You should tell people you got in a fight and won. They should totally see the other chic.


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