A Day Of Rest.

So, my plans to get up and to go Palm Sunday services fell right into bed yesterday and didn’t ever get up. I was running on empty. The previous week had not been a good one for sleep. I kept waking up or never sleeping at all. So yesterday after I showered, I slept. All day long. Got out of bed at 5pm and moved to the couch and thought about putting up clean clothes and organizing a closet and did neither of those.

The grill is out of gas, (on my list for today) and so I had some baked chicken, and foods from dad’s garden last year that have been waiting on me in my freezer. Corn on the cob. Fresh okra. So good. I worked on my today’s plan a little and went back to bed to watch the OKC Thunder game. I made it to half time and petered out. Slept all night long. They won their first playoff game though–YAY!!

Today is CPA appointment for taxes at 9am. Yes, I’m paying. I did get a refund from when I was an employee. A nice one. But we’re just giving it back to pay my quarterly stuff from the last two quarters as well as I’m paying some more to keep me up to date. It’s not fun but it’s the name of the game now that I’m an independent contractor. So many people I work with don’t pay in during the year and owe big fat fat at the tax deadline. Gross.

Anyways. get it done. over with. finito.

Errands for today are: fill up the grill tank with gas.

take a print to get framed.

head to lowes and get someone out to estimate new windows. buy some sprinklers and maybe garden dirt. I’m ready to plant my second garden!

There’s lots more, but I’ve gotta blaze a trail.

Peaceout. Happy Monday.


2 thoughts on “A Day Of Rest.

  1. I feel your tired. I got up and hit the park for over an hour then fed the pets and thought I’d grab a little nap before I started the day. Was woken up by the Witnesses and let my rage sustain me through answering some email and making food for the week and cake for last night’s birthday. Then I thought I just needed to take another quick, uninterrupted nap. Two hours later I finally made myself get up but could not get going. Just managed to get the dog walked to the party with the dessert on time. Just managed. Came home, went to bed and did not have any trouble sleeping.


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