Adrenaline Rush

This morning thus far:

CPA. paid


Post Office

Taxes paid and mailed

Poster to be framed

Sams for provisions for the next few weeks

Gas in the car.

and home to check the mail…the mail that told me there was a hold on my bank account. So. I just got finished with two hours of running around the city dealing with an accounting screw up from Job 2. I was paid on a bank account that no longer exists. It’s a mistake. Lots of phones calls and research and then back in the office at Job 2 where the accounting person who made the mistake is going to correct it.

However, instead of an “I’m sorry this happened, I’ll cut the check asap” I got attitude. Shitty shitty attitude. As if it were MY fault.

I do not think this was a purposeful act of malicious intent. I think it was an act of incompetence, which we all suffer from time to time on account of we’re merely human. Just manage it. Own it. Correct it.

Yeah, this is going nowhere good. After being presented “shittily” with my check and fees covered, I said, “this wasn’t my fault. I don’t know why you’re treating me like it is”

Well it turned into a nice little argument. She’s one of the most unprofessional people I’ve ever seen, and damnit I hate it when people bring me to their level. Admittedly I went there for a few choice words and some stellar finger pointing but brought myself back up to end with ” I do appreciate this, and thank you for correcting it.”

Her response?

“I seriously doubt that you do.”


My bank was gracious. The hold was removed from my account. The debits were paid instead of bouncing. It all worked out…but why did it have to be so hard?

I wonder about this job. I wonder about what I’m going to do when it ends. I have a gut feeling that it will be within the next week or two. I am going to start looking elsewhere for some extra work. And I’m going to try not to worry about it. What I AM going to do is finish filling out my paperwork and go mail my grad school application today.

I’d like to use the rest of this adrenaline rush to do something productive. I’ve done a bit in the kitchen with a bit more yet to do…but I just got this book today per Kizz’s instruction and it’s begging to be opened!

Colin Firth has a story in here!

Tonight…David Sedaris live and in person! Wahoo!!!

Ok. I’m going to go put some clothes on some hangers. and light a candle or two to calm my nerves.



5 thoughts on “Adrenaline Rush

  1. I feel that David Sedaris is exactly the right person to end this day with. Not malicious but just snarky enough to put you where you belong after being treated so poorly. Soak some of him up for me, please.


  2. What a fucking whorebag. What the Hell is wrong with people? I’m glad it all got worked out, but seriously…what a pain in the ASS!

    That book looks intriguing!


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