David Sedaris Was AMAZING!

He was. Truly. If you get the chance to catch any of his performance series…puhleeeeeeese go. PLEASE. Do yourself a favor. GO. prepare to laugh till you ache.

Trish and I stood in line for an hour and a half to get our books signed. It was totally worth it.

Here’s a classic.

2 thoughts on “David Sedaris Was AMAZING!

  1. Did he ask you a question? The night of our book signing, he asked every single person a question and talked to them. I thought it was amazing that he bothered to spend so much time. I wish we could have been there.


  2. He spoke and talked to every single person. It was an hour and a half line and there were ppl behind us. He was signing before the show, but we got there and in line JUST as he quit signing. It was worth it. He complimented Trish on her “tunic” and she giggled like a 5 year old the whole time. He talked to me about the lady that cut his hair (which he’d spoken about in the show) and signed my book “TO MISTI: I WISH YOU WERE MY HAIRSTYLIST”
    We spoke of the bookshop Audra and I used to own. He loved the name. He was exhausted and it was after 11pm and he was trying to eat some PF Changs and just kept going. I have such admiration for the way he treated his fans. Whatta guy.
    and he was about 2 inches tall. HE WAS KRUMPETT!!!


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