Ten Things Tuesday: Remember

It’s April 19th. Even though I saw the date this morning while rushing around getting ready to go in early to Job 2, it wasn’t until I was in the office and Caro was reading her FB news feed and said something about it that I thought:

It’s April 19th.

Here’s 10 things I immediately thought of.

1. I was asleep in my dorm room when my husband to be (we’d be married in about three weeks) called and said, “are you watching tv.” I was not watching tv. My roomie and I had been up late working on our English papers, running out of ink cartridges for the printer. Trying to dissect poetry. Drinking coffee. It was finals week.

2. We turned on the tv and sat. Stunned. Stumbling around trying to get to class.

3. Someone called in a bomb threat to the World Thought and or PEST (Political Economical Systems and Thories…totally justified in a bomb threat PREVIOUSLY to 4/19)final. That went over about as well as a fart in a car. The campus went on lockdown.

4. My mom called late that night. We had a family friend missing. She was a person from BatShitCrazyTown. She dated my BonusDad’s brother in high school. I waited on her lot’s of times at the little family diner I worked at through high school. many many connections. She was one of the two bodies remaining that had to be gathered after the building was imploded.

5. There was an amazing amount of news. The babies. The mommas. The rescue workers. President Clinton came here. Katie Couric and Tom Brokaw did too. This image…forever burned into my brain, like so many others too painful to forget. . . I never went down there to see it. I was scared to.

I still feel guilty for not going down there...i don't know why.

6. The memorial is beautiful. I’ve never been through the museum. But every year the Race For The Cure runs right past the gates of time.

It really is beautiful.

7. It took me several trips to NYC before I could go  through the church that holds all of their memorabilia. The first thing I saw upon entering though was this:

I saw it and immediately started the ugly cry

8. I remember spending a whole week of shows in Terra Haute, Indiana while on tour with Bridgework Theatre Company. We loved it. Comfort Suites. One load in, a weeks’ worth of shows, one load out. Terre Haute would be the final destination for Timothy McVey. It’s gross to me, now.

my roomate is running the half this year!

9. Our Memorial Marathon has grown to over 19,000 participants and has been called one of the “12 Must Run Marathons” by Runner’s World Magazine. I cheer yearly. On my same corner. And every year I cry. And I salute. And I am inspired and I am made so proud. Here are a few words of others…testamonials on Why Do You Run. Do yourself a favor. Click over and read one or two snippets.

10. Speaking of marathons…my friend Rachel Martin competed in the Boston Marathon and finished in 3:39:33. She’s freakin awesome and amazing and I’m SO PROUD to know her!

How’s about that for ending on a high note?


2 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday: Remember

  1. A lot of places and people sent word after 9/11 but I had trouble feeling like they meant much. The banner from OK immediately meant a lot because most places didn’t have any idea but OK knew.


  2. I’ve never been to the Oklahoma Memorial. Never. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

    I will miss not being able to help cheer on the marathon runners with you. I really liked that.


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