Forever Young

I got a facial yesterday at my salon. Since the last birthday, I’ve started to….notice…that time marches on. (right across my face) and I’ve started to do the dance of regret for all the sunburns, all the tanning beds, all the thousands of days without washing my face before bed.

My mom never washed her face. She said my dad liked her going to bed with make up on so she never did it. As a young girl, perhaps that reason was fine. As a 40 year old woman, methinks the excuse was really she was tired and dealing with two small kids and a needy husband and didn’t care! HA!. But she had horrible skin problems as a teen, suffered greatly at the hands of a dermatologist, so I have no idea what the reasoning was. Whatever, the habit of daily cleansing and skin care was never one that was learned at home, or passed down from Mom. I just never did it. Ever. Maybe the first few weeks of Janurary, when I’ve made “life changes” for the year. Ha.

Until I turned 40. Holy balls. Maybe it was mental. Maybe it was my rockstar behavior that month. But I almost ran off of the road when I caught sight of myself in my rearview mirror. Oy.

SO. I got myself some products yesterday. Dermologica. I have instructions on how to use them. I’ve used a cleanser for a month or two now, and my hand to God, the age spots and freckles on my face have faded to almost nothing. ME the girl who grew up crying about her freckly spotted face is FINALLY FADING THEM!!!!! Will wonders never cease?

I’m not above some work. I would love a chemical peel and have plans to maybe get one with my sisser when I travel to Arkansas next time. I wouldn’t mind some Botox, but it still kind of geems me out and it doesn’t last and shit hurts when you poke needles in your face. Dude.

I’m about to do a pretty strict cleansing/boosting diet for 8 days. It’s shakes and supplements and high protein/low carbs/no sugar/white stuff etc. I fell off of the wagon the month I was sick and just haven’t gotten back on it. Trish did this before she went to see her fabulous husband who was deployed (NOT deported as I was saying to everyone) and got a weekend in Key West. She had great results. Just nice to have a kick start and get the sluggish out, ya know? I can do anything for 8 days. If I get weak, I’ll just remember the day this week where I wore some tights/legging things that decided to roll down. Thank the good Lord they got caught into a fat roll or I’d have been walking with them around my ankles.

It’s Good Friday. My time of Lent is coming to a close. I’ve got a post working on what I’ve learned and gleaned from these past 40 days…that’ll come later. But meanwhile, I want you to ALL go IMMEDIATLY and get LAMB by CHRISTOPHER MOORE.

Have you read it?

Perhaps the funniest thing I've read in years.

Holy moly. I have laughed till I’ve excreted moisture from both ends of my body. It’s total satire…and I’m going to tell you some parts you think “I CAN’T READ THIS” and you think it’s going to go into the sacrilegious…and it never does. It’s brilliant. I love it. Go. Get a copy and enjoy. You can thank me later.

4 thoughts on “Forever Young

  1. Love the Dermalogica. After all these years of washing my face with every damn thing… it works. I feel ya on the aging. Seems the last two, three years… I’m fading.
    So proud and glad and excited about Grad School… its gonna be great. Just great! Well done chick.
    I love you.
    Sorry about all the random crazy I put out there yesterday. I make less and less sense as I age. wink!


  2. I am not faithful every single night, but 8 times out of ten, my face and teeth get a good cleaning before bed. I’m a floss-er. If you ever saw my dad’s teeth you’d floss too.


  3. Went to Barnes and Noble website to get a scoop on the book and it sounds hysterical! I might have to dive in.

    No. Deployed does NOT equal deported. Bwahaha ha!!!!!


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