true friends

I have sod in my front yard! SOD! SOD I SAY!!! the muy expensive fat thick fabulous grass that lives in the yards of people that have their proverbial shit together! How in the world, you ask, did I get such a thing?

Delbert “rescued” it from the middle of a fairly busy road…she’s very sure she wasn’t stealing as it literally was in the middle of a road being run over by some traffic. Just her and her pitchfork. Playing frogger with the traffic. She rolled up to my house so that we could go celebrate Mr. Clift at a party with a suv full of sod. We unrolled it out last night at 11:30! I am now watering, feeding, and fertalizing the front yard which has minimal brown dirt bald spots! We’ve been through all kind of escapades together, with so many more to come. This is, however, the kind of thing she does for a friend. I’m lucky lucky lucky to have her. So is my yard!

It’s been a busy and kind of long week here at Brokedown Palace. The final week of Lent. If I had just a penny for everyone that’s asked me about Facebook in some way or another, I’d have enough dough to take us ALL on a vacation! It’s amazing. I’m going to celebrate Easter with Bonusmom tomorrow and then we’ll lunch together somewheres. Perhaps the Frontier. Perhaps a place where someone else will cook. Either way, I’m looking forward to it so much! I love this tradition.

So maybe that’s why the week was long. The days were long ones. Office in the 8:30 hour, Salon until the 7pm hour. Long days, crazy sleep. One night last week I took the last three of my melatonin (which Shirley MacLaine says is good for growing your hair!) and STILL I woke up at 1:30am. Grrrrr. The last two weeks, by the time Thursday arrives? I’m SURE it’s Saturday. Seriously.

I finished reading Lamb. I loved it so much. I can’t wait for any of you to read it and talk with me about it.

I’ve had such great response and support for The Grad School Thing. One of my clients is also in that same program and said it took about four weeks for her to hear. We’ll cross fingers.

Looking forward this at what this year has unfolded and could possibly bring has occupied a lot of my brain juice as of late. I’ve only got 10 weeks left with my roommate. Really, counting her vacation to Mexico, and my trip to the music festival, only about 8 of co-habitation. Moving forward. It’ll be strange but kind of nice to live alone again. It’s been a good adventure thus far which I don’t think anyone expected. Co-habitation is difficult. It’s hard when you have the fringe benefit of sex with your partner or spouse. But I think we’ve done a good job. I’ve already got plans for moving some stuff out of the back room into the guest room when I have it back so that’s kind of exciting. I have someone who may be crashing for a month between leases in July, so the timing works out perfectly.

Hopefully I’ll begin classes in August and by that time the back room will have become my study/office. I’ll be looking for a desk. But I do hope to make it some place that I can work on my homework, and keep myself organized.

Classes. Homework. tee hee hee hee hee!!!!


Tonight, I’m celebrating Becky’s birthday! We’re going to a little pub out near Batshitcrazytown, and we’ll toast our girl. I’m so grateful and blessed to have her in my life…and will forever be thankful for that. She and I are really always on the same wavelength, and I know that I can call her any time and she’ll be right there. She has welcomed me into her family, and shared them with me, which I cherish. As I told her…if she does tonight correctly…we won’t just be celebrating Jesus’ rising from the dead tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Becky!!! MUAH!

The girl is a MASTER at building a fire!
goldfish whore
One of our favorite things



5 thoughts on “true friends

  1. Delbert is crazy and awesome! Brings a whole new meaning to having a friend score you some grass.

    I had Lamb sitting around unread for 2 years and I think I gave it away when we moved. Nuts.

    You know what I like best about school? Buying new school supplies!!! Woo-hoo!!!

    I’ve been taking some of Cindy’s supplements for better sleep, and it works for me. You could give it a shot and see if it works for you. It’s a combo pill, 500 mg calcium + 1000 mg magnesium. About an hour or so before you think you’re going to bed. Obviously, it could be 2 separate pills, just make sure it’s at least these amounts.


  2. well, when I had envisioned a ‘fell-off-the-truck’ discount, I’d thought of the “accidental” variety, not the literal variety….but, this works too! yea, Delbert!! and yea, rain!!


  3. Oh….Seeing the pictures of the fire and the goldfish! AHH.. so many memories! Glad we were able to make some new ones Saturday night! I love love love it.


  4. Laughing so hard at the image of Delbert and the pitchfork. On a more frantic note, Sherry said STOP fertilizing the sod!!! No fertilizer until it starts to root!


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