It’s been an eventful week thus far. We’ve had rain, more than one day of it thank goodness. It makes it hard to wake up this morning, but that’s the only downside! YAY rain! YAY garden! I’m ready to get out and put my second bed together and plant my tomatos and other fun stuffs. Perhaps this weekend.

So yeah…That Grad School Thing seems to be moving forward the way I wanted. I almost fell over when I got the email on my phone yesterday morning. I had my head wrapped around a few weeks worth of waiting…I’ve sent off an email to my graduate adviser (sniff sniff. I can’t believe I won’t be sitting in front of Ma and Roger asking them what I should take this semester) and we’ll just wait for that to proceed. Financial aid is next on my checklist. I’ll set up a meeting and we’ll see how this girl is going to pay for the next big adventure.

I worked on my cover letter for the job application…I told you I found an adjunct position at a jr college teaching English and Humanities, well I started the process last night. Cover Letter, check. I’m going to have to get another copy of my college transcript from USAO (note to self MAKE COPIES OF THIS ONE DOOFUS!) and get a resume together. But I’ve begun the process. The jr college is in my hometown and I once was a student there. It’s on the transcript. And I will tell you, I took English and Humanities at that place and can’t do any worse teaching that when I was enrolled. My first “real” paper at USAO had the notes (from Ma) that said, “Dear Misti. Let’s begin with a few things such as Standard Written English…”

heh. I still have that paper somewhere.

My point is, all they can do is say no. And I cannot do any worse than some that have already taught there. So why not?

Day 3 of the detox/cleanse is an eating day. turkey and cheese for morning snack. 500 calorie low carb lunch and protein for supper. I’m almost as excited about the food as I was yesterday. HOWEVER…(i know it’s all water at this point but) the scale is down 5lbs. WHAT? I’ll take it.

Ok kids. I’ve got to giddyup. Full day at the salon today. and yet another morning of juggling one bathroom with two people. I’m never going to miss that aspect of co-habitation. Ever.

also…I’m like a fat girl at the buffet with all of this wedding coverage. TLC and BBCA have been my dealers. I watched something like 4 hours last night. 2 of which were dedicated solely to Diana’s jewelry. Brought back so many memories. LOVE IT!!!


5 thoughts on “FOOD DAY!

    1. Ummmmm Chris? I think I need to come up and go see that. It last’s till June 12th. Let’s look at the calendar and see if it’s possible.


  1. Of this I know. I would be there more than once. The dress. All of it. Her earrings went back across the pond. I think someone is wearing them to the wedding. But oh God. What I would give to see Diana’s dress. How long does it last? I guess I could google that myself.


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