Good To The Last Drop!

Whoooooweeee what an amazing last day or so. I feel like I could use some more sleep, however, let me just say I squeezed every bit of juice out of the last few days!

Thursday was a full, fun day at the salon. I left there and drove out to Batshitcrazytown to see Noodle in her Opening Night of Our Town. She was stunning. She had grace, and style. She was thoughtful and put some emotion behind the words. Community theatre can be, brutal. She was a delight to watch! I was so so proud!

I left there and drove back to OKC to pick up Martha (around the 9:30pm hour) and we headed south to Norman for Norman Music Fest. The band Green Corn Revival was playing at 11 and I had seen them before and love them. The lead singer/guitar player is the guitar teacher of Martha’s grandson, so I’d been telling her all about it and she decided to come out and listen! We were quite rebellious, staying out so late, jamming to some great music. We laughed all night. Home about 1:30 in the morning, washed my face and fed myself and the livestock and lookiethere…it was time for BBC coverage of the royal wedding!

So I just stayed up watching. Yes, I dozed a bit here and there, but jerked back wide awake. I watched through the whole thing, the kissed, the departure in the covertable. I did nap from about 7am until 9am an then got up and got ready to work. (I’ve got a post working for the wedding but it will come later) The evening ended with coffee from my last client, finished up at 7pm, then headed over to a friends house for a royal wedding watching party!


I got called away, but was needing sleep by then so I was happy to leave. Picked up a friend and took her home then home to collapse. Exhausted but what a fun fun day(s)!!!

I’ve got a few clients today. There are a few things to do tonight should I choose, but I’m up early early tomorrow to go decorate my little part of the world and cheer on the marathon runners!

In a more serious note:

My sister and her family were in a wreck yesterday with a drunk driver. EVERYONE IS OK. He tried to hit and run, but was caught by the sheriff. They were on their way to Branson for a wedding to day then were going to take the boys and go see some fun stuff for the weekend. Taryn said last night she was all janky and sore but that was it. They may try to get up and go this morning. The drunk driver was caught by the sheriff, and he was driving a company vehicle. This to say that insurance will come from the company and will be covered. Whew.

Thank God, they are all safe and ok.

I’m off to work now.! Have a fabulous day!

3 thoughts on “Good To The Last Drop!

  1. Hit and runs by crazy drunks is terrifying. It happened to Chris and I once. We were fine, but it scared the beejeebus out of us. Glad they are safe.


  2. Jesus, that’s scary! So glad that everyone’s all right. I think the best thing we ever did with the FAGTT cell phones was to help the police corral and catch a drunk driver late one night on our way home. Yikes.


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