Now what?

I had fun yesterday. Post race beers with my roomie and a few other friends made it a fun fun fun day. So much fun that I damned near slept till noon in an effort to feel better. I don’t go out much anymore but when I do…WHEWEEEEE!!!

I haven’t put Facebook back onto my phone. I didn’t look at any news on tv or the computer last night.

Imagine my surprise this morning when my GoogleNews fed me the headlines.

Osama is dead.

I went through the news feeds to figure out what the story really was, and sure enough. Wow.

Facebook was clearly lit up last night. People celebrating. Cheering. People who were supportive and contemplative. Some were quoting scripture. Others were quoting Martin Luther King. All sides present and accounted for.

The thing is, I had more than one friend get attacked for posting their thoughts. Because it wasn’t necessarily in line with mainstream ideas about the subject. The vitriolic tone that was posted under the guise of patriotism made me ill. I was amazed at the shit storm that I was reading, disgusted at the narrow mindedness of people. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings and most certainly entitled to express them. No one is entitled to attack someone else for not believing the same things in the same way. Gah. Stupidity runs rampant.

I’m not sorry he’s gone.  I don’t know what difference it’s going to make, other than give cause for retaliation. I don’t feel safer. His minions are large in number, to be sure, trained to take his place and carry out his mission. I would have liked for him to pay for his crimes. If that were possible. I think death is an easy out. I worry about how this will play out. What will happen now.

What will happen now?



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