Creak. Groan.

I was up all night with back pain. Lower back/hip flexor spasms. Seriously. I couldn’t sleep, I kept rubbing the BenGay I got as a joke 40th birthday present all over my back and finally took two muscle relaxers at about 4am…I don’t have to work till 4 today and am just sitting here drugged and loopy.

Perhaps I need more sleep. But I had such great plans for the day, going to fill the garden and return the “borrowed” lawn mower. Sigh. I suppose all of these things could happen later.

I’m going to try to get into McCracken before I go to work…I can’t do another night like this. Sheesh.

So this is me. Gimped up on the couch on a beautiful day at noon thirty. wasting time. feeling loopy and drugged.

getting old is the shits.

4 thoughts on “Creak. Groan.

  1. I kept all those joke presents, too, because in the back of my mind I knew that getting older is no joke. Hope you can get some real relief soon.


  2. i had struggles the night before last but just on one side. i’m going to see the chrio at 3:30. last night i mowed the back yard and put together the garden box. nothing so bad that should have kept me up all night…sheesh.


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