A Little Adventure

So yesterday, I worked at Job 2 in the morning, went to the salon and did a little hair, and then I drove down to Norman, jumped into the car with Trisha and she and took a quick trip to Dallas to catch a concert that she had tickets to!

Fleet Foxes.

I’d never heard of them, but holy moly on toast I’m a huge fan now.

6 guys. 3 part harmonies. Mandolin. Guitars in every shape and size. Stand up bass. Percussion out the wazoo. Organ and piano. Oh wait…just when you think you’ve heard it all…”IS THAT GUY PLAYING A FLUTE??” yes. Yes he is. There are 2 flutes exactly. And a saxaphone that the dude played like a freakin trumpet.

We need a cleanup on aisle 4 please. Cleanup on aisle 4.

It was amazing.

The drive down sucked because of all the rain, but driving home at midnight was easy peezy. My contacts were sooo scratchy that my eyes wanted to close then I would nod off. I was probably talking nonsensical at times but we got closer to home and GLORY! I got home at 3 am. First appointment at noon today. It was a perfect little adventure.

Life is out there. Ripe. Delicious.

All we have to do is pick it…

and leap.


Here’s a little tune from Fleet Foxes.


and this one

5 thoughts on “A Little Adventure

  1. I have a really funny story about driving home after a concert in Dallas once. Chris was at the wheel. Me and our friend Chris were in the back seat and we kept falling asleep. Then we both felt and heard the rumble of the shoulder (you know that thing that’s supposed to warn you if you’re drifting) and Chris and I woke up screaming “OH MY GOD CHRIS WAKE UP WE’RE GOING TO DIE”. But we weren’t because it was construction and we had been diverted onto the shoulder and it just looked like Chris and I were sharing the same freaky dream and had lost our minds.


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