I Got Married Today

16 years ago today, I walked down an aisle in a church in Purcell Oklahoma and said, “I Do..Forever” to a man.

I think back now, and while I don’t harbor any malice, and take my share of the responsibility at the way things turned out, I wonder if I ever thought it would last forever. I think I knew in my heart of hearts back then…but I was 24 years old. In my mind I was already LATE to the game. So many reasons, none of which I feel like delving into here today.

But every year I think about it. I knew at some point our anniversary would fall on Friday the 13th, and that appealed to the warped side of my soul.

Today is Friday the 13th.

Today is also my friend John Morgans birthday! He is 68 years young. As I walked down the aisle on the arm of my father, John leaned out and said in his best indoor voice…”i have gas.” He makes me laugh every time I talk to him. I have loved him for many many years, and wish him the happiest of days.

Tonight we’re celebrating Delbert’s leap into the 40 age box. Dinner, chips and salsa, a margarita or two is what she requested. Laid back and fun! YAY!

In other news, the roomie is moving out tonight. All of her furniture is out but due to some weirdness with the gas company she may still have to get ready here until she can get her other stuff moved and get some hot water! It’s fast, this transition. She leaves for Mexico next week,  I have stuff every weekend, it’s just fast fast fast.

I’ve got to find something to put the TV and dvd/dvr stuff on. I need to start looking around. Until I find something, I’ll move the table from my bedroom and use it…Just lots to do and very little time to do it. Gah.

Hopefully Sunday will bring some time to rest, and gather with friends and work on this house.

Hey kids! Happy Friday the 13th!






3 thoughts on “I Got Married Today

  1. Well, Happy Birthday to John Morgan! You should have gas in his honor tonight!
    And a Happy Friday the 13th to us all!


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