Check and Freakin CHECK!

Here was today’s list.

clean sheets. clean room.–CHECK

clean kitchen.–CHECK

clean bathroom.–CHECK



Call Lynn for lunch or dinner plans, advice on furniture, perhaps get a piece from her house to hold my tv until I decide what to do.–CHECK and moved said piece over here and put up tv and stuff. It needs to be tweeked but that takes more brain power than I’ve got.

Big Lots. to check on some things for my impending camping trip–CHECK and bought hammock and stand for super cheap.

Health food store for more melatonin.–CHECK

Grocery store with a meal plan**–CHECK and grilled burger and sweet potato and zuchinni for supper!

Put bed frame back together and attach headboard that Andrea gave me.–Bedframe is in garage. I’m not even going to attempt to tackle this w/o help. It’s most definitely a two person job. But I will be happy when it’s finished.

I also contacted AT&T and pared down the cable bill. I may take it down further…we’ll see.

I planted two plants of catnip in my backyard. Lil Black Sambo is officially hopped up on the juice. Only one bird today, but looooooooooot’s of lovin complete with drool. Poor little dope fiend kitty.

This is one of those days that I feel good about. It’s strange having the house back…change always is wonky at first. But getting so much accomplished today feels soooo good. Tomorrow night I’m meeting my friend Mindi and we’re going to gather with whomever and watch the Thunder in their first game against Dallas. Plans continue nightly and end up with me at my dad’s and then my sisters this weekend for facetime and camping gear gathering.

in no time at all, I’ll be on the mountain listening to music and de-stressing.



5 thoughts on “Check and Freakin CHECK!

  1. Camping?!!!!@@@$$$$%%^&** You are going camping? You are so braver than I. Scares me. Woo hoo on getting things done. I need a vacation so badly.


  2. “Oh play me some Mountain Music, like Grandma and Grandpa used to play, then I’ll floooaaat on down the river, to my Cajun hideaway….. (Insert Air Fiddle Here!)”
    “Drift away like Tom Sawyer, ride a raft with ol Huck Fin.. Spend the day being lazy, just being Nature’s friend….”


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