Gearing up to Giddy UP!

Yesterday I was antsy. All day. I couldn’t calm my mind I couldn’t keep my body from twitching and muscles from cramping. I couldn’t get comfortable.

I recognize now what makes me that way.

I’m over tired.

I’m over committed.

I’m focused on the list of things that I want to get done on the house.

I gave myself permission to NOT do any of those things on my list yesterday. I sent my regrets and backed out of  going for burgers at PS2’s house. (which as it turns out was pushed back due to t-ball tourney) I didn’t worry about the empty room or the laundry or the firtch that was lying about. I didn’t move the tv off of the floor or figure out where all the dvd’s and cd’s go that were in the dresser Andrea took with her.

I did water the garden and yards. I did eat Kashi pizza and drink perhaps more than one Mexican Coke and Orange Fanta right out of the bottle. I watched the Thunder whoop it up on the Grizzlies and move ahead to the second round of playoffs. I watched No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher. I watched some eps of Mad Men from season 3. I went to bed with my Nook and read until I fell asleep. An hour later I was wide awake with the voices buzzing. I took my last bits of melatonin and crashed out.

Crashed so hard that I didn’t wake up till 10 this morning. Feeling sleepy and sluggish I made some coffee and had a healthy breakfast. I allow myself this time. I allow myself this day to realize I won’t accomplish EVERYTHING. But I’m gearing up to giddy up.

What I (realistically) am going to get done today:

clean sheets. clean room.

clean kitchen.

clean bathroom.



Call Lynn for lunch or dinner plans, advice on furniture, perhaps get a piece from her house to hold my tv until I decide what to do.

Big Lots. to check on some things for my impending camping trip

Health food store for more melatonin.

Grocery store with a meal plan**

Put bed frame back together and attach headboard that Andrea gave me.

It’s a lofty list. But I’ve already started some of the cleaning, finished up the last bits with Andrea and got the house key back. Started some laundry…Things are moving.

Happy Monday ya’ll!


**I just saw some photos from Delberts birthday party. I would love to blame it on the long maxidress I was wearing. I cannot. I’m gross. Must. Start. Moving.



5 thoughts on “Gearing up to Giddy UP!

  1. Clean sheets sound good. I let chores slide a bit last week. Which means cleaning the bathroom will be more difficult this week. Which means I’ll just want to put it off until next week and so on.


  2. Chris, I’m going to Wakarusa Music Festival. I’ll be camping June 2-5th in the Ozark Mountains. I haven’t been camping…since I was old enough to make up my own mind. So it’ll be interesting! I can use some pointers!


    1. Wear comfy clothes. Always know where a flashlight is when it gets dark. Take toilet paper, and wet wipes. Have a good camp/coffee insulated mug with a lid. Take extra coffee, just in case — either instant, or Folger’s singles, or the Starbucks envelopes. Camp chair. Take a pillow. Water bottle. Bug spray. Sun block. Camp shoes (sandals, or flip-flops). Big towel. Small towel. Toiletries (keep it simple). Sunglasses. Hat. Have a rain jacket (light one). Take a small spray bottle for water (to keep you cool if it’s too hot). Double check and charge everything before you go. And whatever you forget, you can buy there, or live without for 3 days. Have some cash on you.


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