Oh the rain! It’s been so long gone from here that now when we get it…I want to dance in it and sing to the clouds! THANK YOU!!!!!

Each week, I look at my calendar and go…”Good grief, I’m busy” and I will wonder what will happen to fill up the few evenings that are blank and then I just jump in! I pray for work and appointments and that bills will be paid and that I will finally hear from my grad school adviser.

This was my first week living alone again in my house. Andrea moved out Monday, so it’s just been the cats and I and it’s been lovely. In honor of having our house back, the cats gave me a headless squirrel. Complete with guts and long tail. I don’t even have the words.

Our basketball team has been just working their little hearts on on that court this week. I gathered with a group of friends and watched the game Tues, then stayed home and watched it with Lynn last night. We planted some flowers and she took some morning glories, of which I have a bajillion that I will have to get rid of (if anyone wants some).

There’s been a little bit of a funk at the salon, and I honestly have no idea why. I don’t participate in the drama, but I do feel it. There’s a lot of passive aggressive kids who work there and really…in your 20s isn’t that the go to modus operandi? I get it. I just don’t play it. Still eeking out a bit of work at Job 2, where I’m headed in just a few minutes.

The BEST news however, came on Wednesday. I had a text from Audra, saying “check your email”

The email was entitled Engagement Ring.

Joe has proposed. She has accepted. They will just be engaged and committed and have that for themselves.

I could NOT be more happy and proud and excited.

WE all know how much I love Audra. How she is really the most successful relationship I’ve ever had. Ups. Downs. Men. Business. Family. We’ve fought for our friendship and won, over and over again.

But this man?

I love love love him.

He is smart, and witty, and cute, and not afraid to show his emotion or his crazy side. He and I sing along on a whim, and laugh till we cry. He has always welcomed ME into this life and for that I’m forever grateful. I love him. I love who he is for her. I love who he is for me.

We’re planning a fabulous roadtrip to celebrate her 40th this October. I forsee lots of laughing and eating and singing.

All of my love kids! You’re following the yellow brick road….and look where it’s taken you! WEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Ok. Time to get my new rainboots on and giddyup!

3 thoughts on “Blessed.

  1. Congrats to Joe and Audra!

    Ugh, the drama. Passive aggressive isn’t the go to modus operandi for just 20-somethings. There are plenty of people in the world who die at very old ages, having lived their whole lives doing that shit.


  2. Congratulations to your friend! It’s so cool when relationships like that can be felt and shared with others. It all comes together. Special.

    And I agree with Chris. Yes, those types of games are prevalent at younger ages, but I had a relationship bust up this past year and this girl was 33 and the biggest passive aggressive game player I have ever met in my life. Wish there was an age limit for it.

    Hang in there! Get your Thunder on and have a fabulous weekend and a much better week!


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