Sticks and Stones

I was going to tell you about my weekend, bla bla bla, crazy stroms and tornados in Arkansas and their lack of weather technology in the news.


We had storms here yesterday. 4 different tornados that tracked across the state. I’m ok. My house and Bonusmom’s house are ok.

One of them hit my second family. Hit them hard. Their sweet sweet farmhouse was leveled.

Everyone, INCLUDING all of their pets, are ok. No one was hurt. It is a salute to intuition that no one was out there because that basement is the go to fraidy hole.

I have some photos on my phone…but can’t get them on here for some stupid reason. Here’s a link to some coverage.

Carla’s car? her brand new Sebring convertable that she left in the garage because she didn’t want hail damage?

It’s sideways in a tree with a 2×4 sticking out of it.

We were looking for the cat and the dog last night, and out in the middle of a field in the stillness that comes after a storm like that…two tiny deer having a little snack.

God’s grace.

We woke up this morning and the animals had returned home.

People are blowing up my phone with offers of help.

There are still people missing…the baby that was sucked from the mother’s arms while they were hiding in their bathtub…

The wheat farmers who’ve lost their harvest…

Lives were lost. . .

Prayers. Prayers for peace and recovery.

The Weather Channel guys showed up last night. They had just come from Joplin. You could see the weariness in their eyes and hear the empathy in their voice.

I’m having my coffee. I’m praying for my hometown. and I’m going to put on my rubber cowboy rainboots and my garden gloves and I’m heading out to pick up sticks. Because that’s all that’s left.



But no one was hurt.

No one was hurt.

3 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

  1. We watched the news coverage on Chris’s laptop. Saw Audra’s family’s homestead spread all over the place. More then anything, I am so glad no one was hurt or worse. People at work look to me when odd clouds show up in the skies. I just shrug ’cause every thing looks so different here, even the thunder sounds different. I tell them “let’s just go outside and watch for it. That’s what we’d do at home.”.


  2. Well, thank goodness there was no hail damage. Sigh.

    So glad that everyone is safe and sound. Be careful salvaging out there. Much love to everyone.


  3. UGH!!! Chills! I had no idea the car-in-the-tree people were your people! I finally let myself cry over the Hamil family last night. I just don’t know how much one family is supposed to be able to bear. But in this state…in Oklahoma…I am able to feel hopeful. I love Oklahoma. I love Oklahomans.


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