Under Whelmed.

So I got another email from my grad school adviser…and let me just say…I am becoming more and more underwhelmed with the professionalism of her and the whole experience by the minute. I can be understanding. I am fully aware that life is a bitch, semesters are rough, juggling more than one thing on the daily grind can drive you to drink draino. I get it. We’ve all got shit.

We have all got shit.

But it’s not an excuse to slack off on the job.

Basically the email said, “thanks for being patient. the semester was rough. bla bla bla. you can enroll at will. I don’t know what program you’re in. go ahead and get enrolled then come see me and I will look to see if the classes will apply to your program. I don’t know anything about financial aid, call them directly. Make an appointment with me in the spring semester.”

What the fuck?

You want me to just go ahead and spend money on classes that may or may not work for my program?


Just a little disgusted by the whole thing.

I’m not asking for someone to hold my hand every step of the way…but as an adviser…ADVISE ME.


Meanwhile, the farmhouse has been pretty much cleaned up. The insurance was out yesterday. They had lots of help. I went out and worked on Festivities, cleaning and prepping for the weekends rehearsals and weddings…the business must continue even when everything else falls apart. The community is rallying in such a way that brings tears to the eye.

Many have asked me what they can do to help…I’m saying gift cards. Groceries. Spices. Toothpaste. Panties. Shoes. Towels. Yard equipment. everything is gone. So rebuilding will begin soon, but until it does I think gift cards are easier to store than Stuff. . . when we don’t really know where the Stuff will go.

Our Thunder lost last night. 3 years as our team here in OKC and we made it to the final four. Amazing sportsmanship from such a young team. Our oldest player is 3o. Well played, Thunder boys. Well played.

Ok kids, I’m done. I have to run to the store today. I just ate a toasted whole wheat hamburger bun for breakfast.

7 thoughts on “Under Whelmed.

  1. You’re not going to actually do what she said, are you? I mean, that’s a bit crazy. Email her back and tell her what program you’re in, what classes you plan on taking, and ask her if those apply to your program. Then enroll.


  2. Hell no I’m not doing what she says!!! I’m going to a) call financial aid and figure out how to get student loans. b) take my shot records to whoever needs it to get the holds removed from my account. c) get enrolled d)tell her what I did and figure it out. or vice versa on those last two.

    Seriously. I suppose I will need to figure out someone else to advise. She’s just kind of petered out.


  3. Enrollment in classes isn’t set in stone. It can easily be changed. Plus, Chris and I should have warned you that some advisers can be mentally unstable. My grad-school adviser was crazy and then he died. Non of my work with him was ever published. But I got that degree by practically prying it form his cold dead hand.

    Chin up. It’s early in the game and easy enough to make changes and tweeks where needed.


  4. Ditto on what Chris and Cin say.
    Knowing this woman personally, I’m not surprised.
    And I know it doesn’t matter, but she’ll respect you more for your effort. Non-traditional students get a raw deal, and I’m sorry about that.
    I’m going to hook you up with 2 other grad-level profs at UCO that may be able to help. Check FB later for more info.


  5. Also (bigImportantAlso), the profs really “turn off” during the summer sessions. Try to keep that in mind, as frustrating as it is. The 2 wonderful profs I’ll contact should be more than willing to help, but it may be in July. Ha


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