memorial day weekend

It’s the official start of summer…whooooweeeeee! We’re going to have record breaking heat. 92-93 degrees today. Good honk. But I’m not going to complain. No more storms. Heat and rain please and thankyou.

I bartended last night, and got to spend some quality time with Popsie. He’s been so strong this week, for everyone. Strong and clear and focused. Yesterday he kind of came apart at the seams a bit. Chi and Nonna were at Sam’s starting to replace things. She said they spent 500 dollars…on nothing. Just nothing really. Mom sent a brand new coffee maker home with me, that I gave to them. Things will be replaced…but they’re having those flashbacks. What happened to my blabiddybla? They were in the farmhouse. What happened to my blabiddybla? those were hanging on that wall at the farmhouse…

I just ask for your continued prayers for this family. The stages of grief are very present in this situation, and along with the rage and grief is the overwhelming feelings of grace and gratitude for being spared and for all of the love coming their way. It’s a confusing mix. In the midst of it all, life goes on. Summer has begun, Noodle’s out of school, weddings are scheduled, cleaning must continue. It goes on. One step at a time.

I’m working just this morning. Then off until Tuesday. We leave Wednesday night for the mountain. I’ve got lot’s to do. I’m going out to decorate the graves, I’ve got some things to gather for the trip. I’ve got offers for arts festival and barbequeing. I like not being tied down to a bunch of obligations.

I have time for one more cup of coffee then I’ve got to get my ass in gear.

Have a beautiful Saturday, friends.

One thought on “memorial day weekend

  1. Sending thoughts of peace and comfort and healing. I’m a life-long Okie and I know for a fact that I have no idea what it’s truly like…what they are going through. Hugs, Love.


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