How was your weekend? I didn’t work all day Saturday, so it actually felt like a 3 day break for me, too. I’ve spent this weekend partially working, helping my 2nd family in Batshitcrazytown. Partially hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, Mgirl  and Sean and Demetri…good times.  Having facetime with Kath and J this morning for Hangover II…It’s been good. Really good. I’ve cooked out all weekend and had meals with Lynn and Trey. Burgers. Steaks. Veggies. Yummy.

I’ve decorated MeMe and PaPa’s graves as well as G’Ma Bruce’s. It was the first time I’ve been back since we buried them. Meme being the last one, in October of 95. I haven’t stayed away on purpose. It wasn’t horrible or traumatic for me. I talk to them all the time. I have their photos in my home. I feel their presence in my life every single day. So this was…it was a thing. Respect. More so for my mother and BonusDad than anything else. It’s a beautiful cemetery out in bum fuck north of town. I drove around for TWO HOURS before I found it. I was about to blow my lid, in a pure PaPa fit when I drove up on it…the whole time muttering “this is why I want to be cremated damnit”

Trish and I have been shopping for our trip and have been blowing each others phones up with our purchases. We have two campsites. I bought my own when i thought her husband was coming along. Her 14 year old daughter is coming in his place and is responsible for the most brilliant idea. I’ve got my tent. They have theirs to sleep in. They also have a little one person tent that will be our bathroom tent. Yes. We bought a portapottie. bags. chemicals for disposing. We have our own Pee Tent. I love us. We’ve already surpassed our expectations for this trip. Tomorrow we meet, we finalize our food purchases, organize and plan our ice chests and make our final leaving plans. I’m excited. Beyond.

Lynn is taking care of the fur babies. I can’t tell you how much relief there is to know in my heart that my home and animals are being taken care of. Probably better than I would because I lost my mind on Kiki today. She’s taken to peeing on my bedroom rugs. Annoying. Her litterbox is pristine. She’s a bitch. Anyways, Lynn’s got it. She wont let the animals or the garden die. I’m sooooo thankful.

What else today, ya’ll?

This weekend, really makes it seem like summer has begun, doesn’t it? I’m hyper aware of how fast it goes…I’ve got big things happening each month, already on the calendar. Bartending gigs. Great Wolf Lodge in July! School starts the end of August. Holy crap.

I’ve slept this weekend. a LOT. Naps in the afternoon. Clean sheets and freshly showered skin at nights. I’m still adjusting to no roommate. Sometimes I’ll wake up at night and listen for her. I haven’t fixed the guestroom yet. After I get home. Sleeping and being lazy without guilt has been a gift that I think…THINK…I have finally learned to give myself.

Ok kids. I’ma pour myself a little jelly jar full of cold white wine and cruise the tv channels. Trey’s coming over for steaks and making me watch Vanilla Sky. I’ve never seen it. His head exploded gooey bits when he found that out. Tonight we rectify the situation.

I think Ima need more than one jelly jar of wine.

6 thoughts on “Weekendalicious

  1. I love how things come into our lives at EXACTLY the right time. Ten years ago I would have been one of those people faunching about how stupid and wierd it was and how you couldn’t understand Ms Cruz and how Mr Cruise was just a liiiiiiiiiitle freaking with that damned mask.
    and would have missed the point entirely.

    Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around.


  2. What is UP with cats peeing on stuff?! I am over it. My whole house smells like enzyme cleaner…well, and sometimes pee. And I just despair. I’d just chuck the old couch and get a new one but there’s no guarantee she wouldn’t destroy a new one in 2 seconds flat. What the hell?!?!?!?!?! GRRRRRRRRRR.


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