I’ve decided to give my “adviser” one more week to get into contact with me. I sent emails the first week of June, and I realize she was out of town that week, but because she sent me her schedule, I know she’s returned. . . and still no response. SO. I resent all the emails to both her school and private addresses and am going to give it this week and see if I get a response. If not, Monday I will head to campus, armed with all of my information and just do it on my own. I’m going to try my hardest to not hold any kind of ill feelings towards this woman…this woman who so clearly cannot manage to do the job she gets paid to do. Oy.


side bar. I heard from her this morning. Responses to all of my emails. Terse. To the point. Which is fine, I don’t need to braid her hair. She’s been in DC where it was super hot temps (well bully. it’s hotternass here too) and her father in law passed away suddenly. So. I get that she’s got a lot on her plate, but does life stop for ANYONE when it drops a load of crap in our laps? Anyone? Anyone that it does that for???  Bottom line, she answered my questions which was a good thing because the classes I had lined up were no bueno. Well, some of them were but I need to take two certain courses within my first two semesters so THAT was much needed advice. I’m going to give the schedule another looksee and then attempt to work it out. I sent her my thanks and sympathies for her loss but I’m betting we have already started this adventure out on the wrong foot. Shitfuckdamn. Sigh. I’ll make it my mission to get back on her good side until we get my plan in place, and after that, unless I have her in class, I won’t have a need for any contact. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!! :-/


so another side bar. we’ve been emailing and I do believe that the above was just a knee jerk reaction. I think we’re off to a better start with clear communication. all is well.

Whit was here this past few weeks, and of course I was either gone, working, or visiting with MY family so we didn’t get to even talk but for a few minutes in the salon. It’s been so long since I’ve seen her I was all like ” oh. hi! HI!” not even recognizing who was walking up to me at first! Anyways, we had planned to have a powwow about grad school and whatnot but it didn’t happen…Sorry Whit.

We had ourselves a little weather last night. Hail was in my yard after I returned home from Bonusmom’s birthday dinner. Norman got whooped, and several of my friends were sans power last night. Sending them thoughts and love. No power sucks. It just does.

I’m sippin my coffee. Going through the voices in my head and trying to get some clear focus on life. I feel scattered. I want to start feeling better and I think/know that goes hand in hand with working out in some shape or form. It’s just getting my ass up off the couch…right? I have to find some motivation. Clearly, the mirror isn’t enough.

Happy Humpday, Ya’ll.

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