Close the door. Turn out the light.

Remember back when I was telling you about the ex husband contacting me (so strange. haven’t heard another peep out of him since) and that I would be ending the week in a place that is almost sacred…the place I was when it all really ended.


It’s a beautiful part of the world. Green. Trees. Water rivers and lakes. Beauty. Stillness.

and oh the memories.

I drove in early Saturday morning and got to hang out with Mike and met his lovely wife and child. and I love them both.

We talked. and laughed. We walked around our old stomping grounds, snuck into our old theatre that has been shut down and neglected for I don’t know how long. I had a crying spell.

I had a long conversation with a man, and finally, on my terms, put a lid on something that has been sneaking around my heart, and taking me out at the knee, since 1997.

done and done.

Then I said goodbye. and for the first time left that place without tears and thoughts of “if only. and what could have been” and drove straight home and hung out with my PseudoSisters and family and spent Father’s Day loving life.

This morning, I had a little twinge and an urge to text. But no. Not now.

The door is closed. The party’s over.

We’re moving on to the next one and leaving all of that where it needs to be.


I’ve got some chores to do. But I’m feeling lazy. and I may nap a bit. I’m drying my sheets outside. Tonight’s sleep will be epic.

Happy Monday, Ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “Close the door. Turn out the light.

  1. I didn’t. Other than some caution tape and over grown folliage…there’s just nothing. I’m sure we can get creative. My wish is for you to have a trip home that coincides with another gathering out there. We’ll steal some shit then.

    Audra, yes. Yes we do. I miss you too sister.


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