Prophecy from my Facebook Newsfeed

I think I was a little depressed yesterday. Literally…I didn’t get up off of the couch except for to go to the kitchen and put food in my mouth. About 10pm I made my bed with clean outdoor dried sheets. I cleaned the kitchen. And I went to bed.

In my facebook newsfeed, several times from completely unrelated people was a quote that I feel sure was meant for me.

“Never make someone a priority for whom you are only an option.”



I got up this morning, made my bed, threw away the bird carcass and the hairball, vacuumed the carpets, ate some breakfast, drank some coffee, and went for an hour long walk. The morning temps were human again. Lynn (bless her heart for motivating me) and I walked around the neighborhood and talked and started our mornings feeling better about life.

This is what I need.

I’m getting in the shower and driving to UCO and enrolling today.

I have zero appointments but I’m hoping people will call in.

I’ve got paperwork and money things to really deal with so if I don’t then I’m going to stay focused and get done what didn’t get done yesterday.

I’m afraid/not afraid, that I’m going to have to just go to Lowes, or WalMart or someplace and get a job. I’m not doing a good job of being self employed. I’m worried about money constantly. I just don’t know…

These are things rolling around in my mind. We’ll see how they play out.


have a beautiful day. drink some water. stay cool. think good thoughts. and don’t make someone a priority, for whom you are only an option.

we do that, don’t we?

3 thoughts on “Prophecy from my Facebook Newsfeed

  1. I think this is why I have so few friends. I have plenty of acquaintances and people I like hanging out with, but not a lot of true friends. Who has time for people who don’t think of you as often as you would think of them? I love you.


  2. Yes, yes, yes to what Cindy said.

    Funny how there are always lessons to be learned and refined when it comes to our relationships and interactions with people.


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