Bits of Bliss.

Yesterday about 9:30 am, my phone started blowing up with texts.

George Clooney is SINGLE again.

People from California to New York filled my Facebook wall with links to the stories. “Go get him Misti” “He’s all yours!”

I can’t tell you how it makes me feel that so many people that I love, are invested in my fantasy life! It makes me giggle. It makes me happy.

"i wonder if I can get a flight to OKC tonight..."

He’s the gift that keeps on giving.


I’ve been walking this week! Shin splints suck donkey balls…but I’ve been up and I’ve been walking. Thanks to the beautiful morning temps and Lynn! Yay for us! Feels good to move…it actually hurts…but hurts so good. Been eating better, cleaner. Nice for the mental health too.

We’re in the 99’s-100’s through next week again. Oy. Oy with the summer. Get me to the water!

Michael Phelps is about to be on the Today show. Thank you Lord. I needed that this morning.

Ive got two bartending shifts this weekend, which is good because I have once again, zero appointments this Saturday. None last week. None this week. We’re closed next week. and then the Great Wolf trip is my FULL workweek. I’m nervous as hell about money. But it’ll work out. I know it will. July will just have to be workworkwork/savesavesave.

I got enrolled in grad school this week! Got my student ID and some books and everything!!! Im so excited I could burst. I’ve started some of the reading for my Young Adult Fiction before 1980 class. Old friends…these stories.

Ok kids. I’ma leave you with one of the songs I can’t quit listening to…dedicated to my George Clooney…whom I love. Let’s rock it out today, shall we?



2 thoughts on “Bits of Bliss.

  1. Don’t forget: can be you best friend. Buy books for half price and sell ’em back to the school for close to what you originally paid.


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