Sunday Morning Moods

Oh the glory and bliss of slipping into cold sheets after a day in the sun. It’s just the best sleep ever. We’re setting records over here in The Plains, the most consecutive days with temps of 100 or more. The only place to be is inside in the a/c or in the water. It’s brutal. My a/c has been chugging along, fingers crossed, and we’re all cool at Brokedown Palace. But at night, I sleep with the ceiling fan and another fan blowing on me. It’s nice. Even Sammy has decided to bring his blabbermouth self inside and sleep with me this week.

Yesterday was yet another Saturday with little to no appointments. So after I finished, Lynn and I went to the pool and soaked up some (spf slathered) rays and some cold Shandies.

Its my new favorite!!!

Home to have a little nosh of ham salad, guacamole, bousian cheese and crackers and then we feasted on last seasons True Blood in hopes to get her caught up for the new season tonight. I dozed a bit, but man. Watching it again…I’m SO READY for the show to come back! It’s the PERFECT summer tv watching indulgence!

This morning, there are things that needs be done. My house is wrecked. Clean clothes need to be put away. Sheets need changing. laundry needs to be caught up. I could use a few things from the grocery. I’ve decided to clear off my counter of all appliances and go get a toaster oven. It’s too hot in the summer to use my big oven. It heats up the house too much. I’d like to hit the hardware store and buy myself a clothesline and put it up. With 90 mph wind and 100 degree heat, there’s no reason to use my dryer. Save some mileage and electricity. I need to go get Lynns mower and mow. it’s already too hot at 10:45 am, but I can get it going tomorrow…

So yeah. There are things that needs be done. I’m going to have another cup of coffee and ignore the fact that I made the worlds worst omelette for breakfast. It was just gross. and I’m hungry. Toast that’s about it for breakfast foods…yeah. grocery store soon. I really miss my Sunday breakfasts with Chris and Cindy. I’ve been missing them terribly, but this morning it’s just more poignant.

I have a bartending gig tonight so all of this needs to get done before about 5pm. i hate having boundaries on a weekend. But I love having the money. Saving for next months’ Great Wolf vacay! I cant wait to go!!!

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