I actually did get some things accomplished yesterday…I got a toaster oven. Man. The learning curve on that thing is a little steep…burnt the bejeasus out of my morning toast. But I did make a pizza last night, and it was crisp and it did NOT heat up my house to the point of no return! SCORE! I didn’t get the high end Kitchen Aid or Cuisenart…I got the 49 dollar one and used my 20% off cupon. It toasts, broils and is a convection oven as well. I’m going to do some baked chicken tonight. GOODBYE HOT STOVE!!!

I also bought myself a clothesline, some clothespins and a little clothespin hanging bang thingymagigger. I went out and installed it and with a little trial and error figured out where to string it and hung my laundry out to dry! Sheets, summer quilts, dresses, pants! All of it! I’m quite proud of that little accomplishment. Bonusmom did one this year because her dryer went out and turns out she really liked it. And seriously. With this wind and heat…it’s foolish not to. Even though my washer and dryer are in my garage…gah. Saves on all of it.

So, I did laundry. And I lazed a bit. It was one of those days where I knew I had to work, so I was edgy. Didn’t want to over-nap, or forget my times, or run late. I knew I had an obligation so I tried to use that to get things done. GET THINGS DONE. God. Do I ever not say those words???

It’s times like this, when things are piled and I need some more hands and brain juice that I just miss my sister being close. Just a day to piddle in my house. Organize stuff or re-hang pictures. Stuff like that. I mean, I miss her all the time. All of them. But it’s when I’m there and see mom cleaning her house or doing a load of laundry or them re-doing mom’s guest room…it’d be nice to have that. I remember coming home from school and walking into our house and it’d be so clean and smell so good and we would say, “MEME WAS HERE!” she used to do some kamakazee cleaning when we were at school and it was always such a nice surprise!!!

In other news…I’m having struggles getting my Nook to connect to the internet. The wifi is jacked up. I took a poll on the FB and several others have had that issue. I think when the software update rolled out it came with a few kinks that need to be worked out. I’m going to run by the Barnes & Noble here in a minute and then I’m heading to meet Trish and lay at the pool all day.

Hope your Monday is swell. Last week of June people…what are you doing next weekend and OMG did you catch True Blood last night? Lord almighty. I love that show. It feels like summer officially, now.


4 thoughts on “Breath

  1. Tell me something about True Blood, though. On my HBO On Demand channel it shows I can watch S4 Ep 1 AND Ep 2. I saw Ep 1 last night at its appointed time. Was there a second hour that I missed or is it some special something that, since I have the OD I can watch the 2nd ep early?

    And, though it probably doesn’t need to be said it does bear repeating, Eric…WOW. He can have the keys to my castle any time. Any time he likes.


  2. They’re doing a special look at ep 2 NOW kind of thing. Because ep 2 always falls on 4th of july holiday weekend. you can also go on your ipad and download HBOGO app and watch it there. I’ve got it…but am waiting. I like having a fresh treat each week. But I’m the girl that will have all of her Christmas presents hidden under her bed and not look. Sue me.
    and holyshitvampballs Eric. Woof. Bill is going to be a force this season though…But you know how it is. Anita Blake. Give us four or five books/seasons and we’ve gotta have the forbidden bloodlust. I for one am not judging. Giddyup Sookie.


  3. I am so behind on True Blood. I have been reading the books though. Indeed, Sookie, giddyup. I saw a guy the other day that had Eric’s face, not sure about the body though, ’cause he was in a car. But I distinctly remember thinking “Why are you out in the daytime?”.


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