Alive! Alive! Alive!

Holy crap. I can breathe. I’m not coughing. I had sleep!

Isn’t it amazing what real sleep will do for a body?

I got up and cleaned the dishes out of the sink, loaded and started the dishwasher. Took out the trash, emptied and refilled the liter boxs, watered the garden and made coffee. WHAT?!?!?!!!!! 🙂

I still have some funk. But it’s manageable funk. My ear still hurts some. Vitamins. Liquids. Mucinex with Sudafed is my best friend. Yeah, I got the good Sudafed. The kind that you have to take the ticket to the actual pharmacist and he gets it from the back room and registers my license to buy kind of Sudafed. (for those not familiar…we’ve got ourselves a little meth problem in The Plains and have laws about buying the ingredients that when one is sick, are completely annoying). Usually I’m too lazy. Usually I just grab the “fake”stuff because if I’m buying meds, I’m sick. Too lazy to take the piece of paper to the back and wait and then have all my stuff ready to purchase back there bla bla bla. Last night though, I did. I’m swearing by it too.

My homework for the month of July is to research student insurance. I’m an official student now. I do believe it’s something I can get w/o having to hand over an ovary or a toe or a cat or something. And as soon as I get that insurance, someone smarter than I will be taking a good long look into my sinus and saying what the what.

Casey Anthony.

Good Lord. Right? The woman, in my belief, got away with murder. The prosecution, in my opinion, didn’t do their jobs. That jury? I’m glad I wasn’t on it. But I have to say, watching what little amounts of the trial that I watched? I never saw how there was proof beyond reasonable doubt. The jurors didn’t want to talk to the media afterwards. I don’t blame them. And you know the ones that will be coming forth for a heafty price…well I don’t blame them either. They’ve been away from work, from families, from their lives and were put through an ordeal. If media outlets are going to pay gobs of dough that will give them a family vacation, and new school clothes and get caught up on bills…well that’s our system too.

It’s sickening. That poor child is gone. That woman, her parents, whatever special dysfunction they’ve been brewing up their whole lives…they will have to live with that. Maybe it’ll be easy for them. Maybe it won’t.

Next week is our trip to Great Wolf Lodge! I’m getting excited. I need to get the car tuned up and oil changed bla bla bla. I need to get supplies for the livestock so that Auntie Lynn can have plenty to dole out while I’m gone. I’ve got a small list but I’m not too stressed out about it. We’ll be leaving just about the time we get our first teensy chance at some break in the 100 degree weather…we’re going on something like 17 days in a row at 100 or above. The garden. Lord. It’s barely hanging on. The lawns are burnt. Most of us have just given up on watering. Too much money and it’s just not worth it.

Ok, that’s pretty much it for me. I have a few wee appointments today. Tomorrow is busy as is Saturday. I work Saturday night. Bam. Here we go.

2 thoughts on “Alive! Alive! Alive!

  1. One time I had to go buy the behind the counter Mucinex for Steph because she and Shown had both purchased the wrong thing and they couldn’t buy any more. I felt like I was doing something illegal.

    Neti pot as a preventative. That means every day. Do it!

    I’m really boss today.


  2. I love those pills. I can see why they control them. I’ll never have to go through that process again… Lord. It took me forever to buy them… I keep thinking “I have all my damn teeth.” Give me the pills. It does clean you out up there.
    I love you too. Glad you are better.


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