It’s 8am and already 80 degrees. My poor a/c didn’t turn off once last night. I try to shut it down a little during the day, but even turning it up to 80 it runs constantly. Poor thing.

In other news, The Madderas are coming tonight! They’ll be here for the weekend for which I am super duper excited! Lynn helped me put the guest bed back up and together. I’ve been just putting it off since Mandrea moved out in June. Perfect excuse to get that room back up and running. I’ve got clean sheets on the line drying in the morning sun, so it will feel so good tonight. They won’t get in until way late tonight and will stay with The Jen’s tomorrow…and I have to work early tomorrow and bartend tomorrow night BUT we get Sunday brunch together and I get to cut Cindy’s hair tomorrow so we’ll get a little time. Life. Pfffft. I’m grateful for the time we’ve got. I’m seriously considering giving away that bartending shift just because I feel sooo crappy but…

I thought I was feeling so much better yesterday. But then I coughed and tossed and turned all freakin night long and my ear hurt too. I guess it may be time to wave the flag and go to the quick clinic. Gross. I really really don’t want to. But I’m sick of this. I am NOT a good patient. Especially when I’m not completely out of it, feel just good enough to feel like I should feel better. Ya know?

I want to be tip top for next week’s adventure.

So. Ok. I need more coffee and some breakfast. Gotta giddyup for some appointments today, then home tonight to finish with the cleaning and bedmaking and general putzing before the coughing commences.

Happy Friday, ya’ll



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