Today’s List:


wal mart for a few things*

oil change/tire rotation*

back to wal mart for a new car battery*

car clean out*

fill up with gas

pack clothes

make list for Lynn re: tv/dvr/cat feeding*

take trash to curb*

water garden*

hang curtains in guest room*

I’ve done the ones with the *…still more to go. Getting ready for a week at Great Wolf! Weeee! Our check in isnt till 4 tomorrow so we’re not leaving at the crack of ass which is good. Gives us some sleep in, watering time, last minute getting ready room.

I just ate perhaps the healthiest thing I’ve had in forever. Baked some chicken in my toaster oven. Best purchase I’ve ever made. Ever. Real food, and the house isn’t super hot.

I’m so so so so sick of the heat I can hardly even think about it.

Ok. Gotta clean the kitchen, do the dishes, and finish that list.


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