Round and round and round.

Got most of my list accomplished.

Mowed the front yard.

Went to work for a noon mens cut

went to school and wasted elevently million hours chasing my tail…cannot charge books (yes Whit, I know about half dot com but half dot com doesn’t charge on my student loan and the refund won’t be here before classes start) until August 8th. Found out that my work study just means that I’m ELLIGEABLE to work. I have to go search the job listings and apply. it’s a monday thru friday gig for most of them, and frankly for 700 a semester I don’t know if I will just have the time. sigh. AND I found out that apparently I was supposed to get a Broncho Spirit card in the mail. I have not. I more than likely threw the damned thing away. So another trip tomorrow to pay 10 bucks and apply for another one. It’s the way the school issues a refund from loans. Gah.

Back to the salon for one more mens cut then home to cook some good dinner. It was less than. I made squash and zuchinni fritter things, some baked fish, carrots and asparagus. The veg was good. The fish was ok. The fritter things were meh. I’m fighting the urge for OrangeLeaf froyo. I should go put on some shorts and go rake the leaves that my tree is dropping. Because it’s freakin hot and giving up too.

le sigh.

more than likely…Ima sit and watch these eps of sex and the city on tv. after all…I got all my list done but for some laundry…and I’ve still got clean undies.


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