My Sisser.

>She turns 35 today.

She turns 36 today.

I don’t know how we are the numbers we are…it goes by so fast…but we are better friends, closer sisters now than we have ever been.

She can calm me down, and vice versa. We just FEEL better when we can say the real thing that is making us crazy….full confessions…we laugh and cry together like no other. I miss her living close. I would give anything if she could just come over for a weekend day and help rearrange furniture, or sit out in the yard in the fall around the firepit, or go shopping…I miss those times.

I’ll drive to Arkansas tomorrow to celebrate her’s and Mom’s birthdays this weekend. We’ll bang some hair, we’ll talk and plan (hopefully) a get-away and our first annual Sister Trip. It’ll be fast, as it always is. But better than nothing.

Have a blessed Friday…and if you have one…call your sister today and tell her you love her. If you don’t…you can borrow mine and send her some love here. She’s got a heart that is big enough to love all of us.

Somebody probably farted.

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