Getting It Together

Sitting here sipping my coffee out of my favorite Keep Calm and Carry On coffee mug, I’m taking a moment(s) to be aware and thankful.

I had a great weekend with family. I had uneventful drives to and from, safe and sound.

Had a slow day yesterday at work, but my last client said, as he says every four weeks, that he’s never had a better haircut. So I’m doing something right.

I hung out with the LT’s and Mama T. We went for a swim, then ate salad and pizza and watched our favorite Gene Simmons Family Jewels. It was the season finale. I love any excuse to have a party and I’ve been lacking on time with these girls all summer due to my crazy work schedule. It did my heart good to have some time with them.

I came home to a hot house. My immediate reaction was “well. the unit’s blown up” I mean we’re at day 35 of triple digit temps. Something’s gotta give, right? But apparently, I just turned it way up as I left yesterday, it’s working fine but it took forever to cool the house so neither the cats nor I got any kind of sleep last night…which brings me to today. I don’t start my day until 3:15. But…at least I’ve got three cuts and two colors! I’m grateful for the easy morning. I’m grateful for the appointments tonight.

Being in the moment, being grateful…it’s something I do really well—and then I just lose it. Life gets crazy. The voices get loud. I don’t take the moments and really use them to be actively involved in it. I think it’s just human nature, so I don’t beat myself up for it. I am, however putting it back on my list starting today.

Hope you’re putting yourself back on your list. I’m going to have one more cup of coffee, some toast (I’m eating the Ezekial bread. I’m really loving it. Do you? Have you tried it?) and then move some more furniture around and put clothes on hangers. Have a great(ful) one!


One thought on “Getting It Together

  1. As the GPS system says, Misti, “Recalculating!” Hang in there. You’ve got a beautiful heart. You’ve got it more together than you think you do.


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