I made progress on the house yesteday. Moved some furniture around (thanks to Lynn’s help) and moved some things out. It’s getting there. I have mountains of papers to go through and shred. I think I need to buy a shredder today…are they pricey do you think? I’ll check into that. I’ve got to put things on shelves, move stacks of books to sell and garage sale items to the shed, take a stack or two of cookbooks to Nonna. She lost all of her collection in the tornado and I’m thinning mine out.


I’m just not interested in keeping things for the sake of “collecting” anymore. I want clean. I want space. I want organized. so I’m getting there. It feels good.

The cats are freaked out by the furniture move and I have no place to set my morning coffee cup so perhaps yet another arrangement will happen. I need some end tables I think…hell I don’t know what I need. I need the people with unlimited funds from TLC to come overhaul my landscaping and my insidescaping.

The weekend is going to be nice. We’ve got some birthdays to celebrate. Rachel and Lynn both turn a page and we’ll be sure to celebrate fully. I can’t believe we’re at the end of the month. Where has this year gone???

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “Rearrange.

  1. My advice? Free and worth the price?
    Don’t buy a shredder. It’s one more thing to clutter up an office. I recycle as much as I can, use some office paper for mulch, and burn the identity/security type things in the fireplace. I know you don’t have a fireplace, but that just means you can have a ceremony with fire in the backyard!!!

    love you


  2. This is the reason why Chris wants a fire pit. When we had the shredder, it was too much work to actually sit down and feed paper into it. There is so much listed above that I need to do too. I keep getting distracted by shiny things.


    1. Having a shredder is okay but only — and I mean ONLY — if everything is already organized, and you can keep up with it from that point forward. If you have a shit-ton of stuff to shred, the shredder (and you) will never be able to do it fast enough to make a noticeable difference , and you’ll start to lose momentum. Avoid the shredder at this point.

      I need to go through the stuff that we moved up here, too. Now that we know where this stuff is going to wind up, we don’t have to save it for some imaginary space anymore.

      Good luck with the clean sweep!


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