I haven’t used this space for much more than making lists of things to do. It’s become more of a check off bla bla bla than a space where I actually write anything significant. Quite frankly, I don’t know if that’s going to change anytime soon…so don’t get excited.

This weekend was/is crazy social. Rachel’s birthday Friday night. PseudoFamily gathering last night. Talaura’s in the state, but her time is limited so I don’t know if I’ll get to see her face this trip. (it’s so hard to see everyone on quick trips like this) Lynn’s birthday brunch today. We’re going to celebrate Peruvian Independence by heading to the Inca place for ceveche and all kinds of strange delectables. I think I’ll skip the pool today and go get a few groceries, a bicycle helmet and look for a desk or file cabinet. Organizing the backroom…it’s going to be written on my tombstone.

As per your advice, I’m going against getting a shredder. I’ll just sack up all the stuff to burn and hold it till the burn ban goes away sometime in Janurary. Ha. (Lord. Please let this weather break soon. Tuesday’s high is 111 degrees.)

Did I tell you I got a bicycle? Delbert gave me her old one and while there are a few things that needs be tweeked…maybe get a new seat…I’m going to start riding. Hopefully. I’m afraid. kind of. That it will hurt my hooha. that I will fall off. But getting back on the bicycle is metaphorical for the things that are about to start happening in my life. So. Giddyup.

Time for one more cuppa and finish this episode of Gilmore Girls…then it’s Peruvian Independence Day! Huzzuah! Halakaleem!


2 thoughts on “Pondering.

  1. We went to that Inca place once, and I got some meat platter that was like 6 kinds of meaty goodness. I ate on that thing for a week.

    A bicycle is a great metaphor. It requires practice at first, then just feels natural. It moves under your own power, requires balance, and maintenance, and can sometimes be a pain in the ass. But it’s all about independence and moving forward.

    Regarding the shredder: At one point I was actually considering getting what Cindy and I call “a sorting machine”. It’s more commonly known as a wood chipper.


  2. Remember to look where you want to go. That also helps with balance. And sometimes, we just need a place to keep our lists. It’s easier to do that here because it makes you accountable. I like seeing your progress.


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