Taking full advantage of my free weekends, I had one that was just chock full of goodness. Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday morning, Sunday night…all spent with friends. I’m just stockpiling all the energy that I’ve been running so low on this year…yesterday I spent the entire day on the couch/in the bed napping/ back on the couch. I only went out for foodstuffs once. . . until the storm blew through.

We had crazy ass 70 mph winds, hail, sideways rain. The electricity went off and on and off and on. It was scary a little in that I had no tv. The a/c seemed to be acting a fool last night, but eventually it went back to work and cooled the house.

Today involves getting laundry done, grocery shopping, a client this afternoon, and then to school to finish off the last bits of enrollment, i.e. books, parking sticker, et al.

The storm brought in some cool weather. It’s only getting to 99 here today and the world seems a better, nicer place. I know it can’t keep it up forever. It has to break eventually. . . right?

I should’ve been on my bike this morning but SP is still holding it hostage. That’s on my list too. Get the bike back.

Have a day, ya’ll.


3 thoughts on “Stockpiling

  1. We used say “get on the trolley” a lot. It’s a line from something, I forget, but for some reason we thought it was funny. Now I’m going to say “Get on the Bike”, but not because it’s funny. Because it’s inspirational.


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