A Day Full Of Grace

I took the day off today to help give a baby shower for one of my friends from high school. Yeah. Late bloomer. Whatever. She is just the most amazing mother I’ve ever seen and I’m all for adding more babies to the group! So we gathered for a brunch shower and laughed at all the little girls, and oohd and aaahd over presents and shed a few tears and then chased them away with laughter.

It was beautiful.

As I drove away, sweet Alli’s voice of “Iloveyou!!!” ringing in my ears, I just was overwhelmed with this feeling of peace. . . of grace. How blessed am I to have these fabulous people who are so generous with their families and love. How blessed.

It was just an amazing way to start the weekend.

I got new tires for The Bike! Tubes with goo and new tires with some different tread and I’m excited! I’m going to have a nice morning ride tomorrow.

My handyman installed new front and back doors at my house today, too. My backdoor is a sliding glass door. And the original installation was janky. Everything those people touched in this house…just janky. It wasn’t even locking anymore, and you could see where it wasn’t even closing. . . there goes that a/c! So. I decided before school starts to get a new one. My front storm door is a solid glass door. No screen. Now, it has a screen. It totally changes the look of my front porch, the red door isn’t really visible but I could care less about that. The back door is in. It locks. But because of aforementioned jankiness he’s got to come back tomorrow and then finish the whole thing Tuesday. But…it’s done. And it’s secure. And it’s more efficient. And I feel good about that.

It’s Saturday night, I’m home watching movies and thinking about straightening things up around here, throwing in some laundry, changing the sheets…and I’m just happy not to have to go anywhere, be anywhere, do anything. I’m happy.

2 thoughts on “A Day Full Of Grace

  1. We’ve done just about the same thing this weekend. Cleaned the house, gardened, watched the whole season of Camelot. Have the most pleasant of bike rides!


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